Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tasty Treats

Toys hold little allure for me and I don't waste my time dallying with such things. However, my mom and dad recently brought home something so genius it's almost too much too handle (if you aren't me that is). They call it a Kong, but I call it awesome! It is a chewy-rubbery-dome-type thingy that at first I thought was a toy, but then I noticed it had a hole. quaint I thought. Suddenly a delectable aroma grazed my nose and I was hypnotized by it's sweet fragrance. It was none other than one of my yogurt treats. I was further surprised to notice that it was coming from inside the dome-thingy. Well, I had to rescue it from it's prison and offer it sanctuary inside my tummy. I'm good like that. It was quite the struggle to liberate it and took all of my cunning. The challenge was invigorating I must say and the yogurt treat was of course delicous. Afterwards I was left with a feeling of great accomplishment. I now look forward to the battle of wills between me and dome-thingy whenever my parents give it to me. I also believe
they were very impressed with my skills of deduction, but who wouldn't be?

Flash's Tip of the Day:
Don't give up you'll eventually get the treat if you keep working at it.

1 comment:

  1. Why your dad and mom did not think about that before. The only toy you will be interested in will be the food-toy, in fact it is not a toy for you, it is food, a tricky little thing involve in getting it but.. food. Your parents think that you are now a play toy boy but it is only all your skills involve in a getting a tiny bitty little piece of food. You put every skill you have to get food.
    Now they know.