Thursday, August 6, 2009

2nd Day Back Home

This is the second day back home and I'm doing much better. Before my visit to the vet clinic I slightly pulled one of my front chest muscles, but it wasn't too bad and I didn't see a reason to tell anyone. I don't like to make a big fuss you know. Yesterday though it did start to bother me a little and my dad noticed I was favoring one of my sides and cried out whenever I turned wrong so he went back to the clinic and got me some magic pills.

Oh how I love my magic pills. They come with a nice coating of peanut butter so that's always nice. They also help me feel much better and definitely put a bit of the spring back in my step. After I took my first one this afternoon I was ready for action. Look out world Flash is back! My dad though put a stop to my one dog parade and wouldn't let me do any of my usual couch climbing. We compromised and he did let me spend the day in the living room with everyone else and I was given a prime spot on the floor near the big TV so I could watch my favorite shows on Animal Planet. But spending all day on the same doggy bed can get boring so he also brought one of my favorite blankets and made it into a bed for me. It was very comfortable and a nice change of pace, though I made sure to keep my favorite bee blanket close at hand. Having options is always nice and I spent the day going between my two accommodations. I even went outside for my bathroom breaks under my own power and didn't miss a beat whenever I thought food preparation might be going on in the kitchen.

My mom and dad even said it was good to see me back to my housekeeping duties. Indeed, I am feeling better every day and will be back to my old ways soon enough. Never let it be said that Flash let a little tummy issue get in the way of his work. Again, I want to thank everyone who is rooting for my recovery. I won't let you down!

Flash's Tip of the Day:
You can't keep a good dog down! Well...unless you provide a cushioned doggy bed and some blankets then I might lie down for quick nap. But right after that I'll spring right back up like a kangaroo (I learned about them on Animal Planet)!


  1. Well Flash, so happy to see you back to your old self. We love you, that is for sure, and we want you to enjoy what ever make you happy.

  2. Looking good Sexy!