Sunday, August 9, 2009

Coming along nicely

My mom and dad said that I'm definitely coming along in my recovery. This weekend I spent a lot of time working on getting better. I rested, and then I napped, and then I did some lounging and after that I had to rest again because I was so tired from all the work. Recovering is not for the faint of heart that's for sure.

Oh, and I also got some new food. I'll be sampling the delights of Orijen: 6 fish blend. Here is a little snippet of what the packaging says:

Loaded with wild-caught fish (70%), ORIJEN 6 FISH features 6 unique fish species that are delivered to our door FRESH (never-frozen) each day, including Chinook & Coho salmon, pacific flounder & herring from North Vancouver Island, plus northern walleye, lake whitefish & lake trout from our cold freshwater rivers and lakes.

The other 30% of the food is made up of fruits and botanical's which will keep me up on all my vitamins. And it's also grain-free which is supposed to be good for my sensitive tummy. Hmm...sounds tasty indeed. I will have to do some sampling and let you know how it goes. Look back soon for my culinary review.

In the meantime however I thought I would let you know about some of the other stuff going on in my life besides all these medical things. I have recently aquired two new roommates. My mom and dad call them my siblings but I am still holding off on using such labels as I'm not so sure about their "mental stability."

The first one to arrive was Dottie, and she is a five month old doggie hodge podge. She seems to be part labrador, part corgi and part dachshund (thank goodness for the doxie portion or I might have had to kick her right out the door). We didn't take to each other right off the start though. She had to be kept in quarantine due to some kind of illness (I mean being part labrador and corgi will make anyone sick), and we didn't get to really meet for about a week. Eventually though she got better, but I think there was some permanent brain damage. I mentioned this to my parents but they're pretty stuck in the denial phase. She's also a bit ADD and always wants to play and chew on anything she sees. All that jumping around makes me dizzy so I prefer to stay clear of her crazy ways.

After their total failure to bring home another dog of my obvious genius I thought my parents would concede defeat and never again consider bringing home another one. How mistaken I was. About a month after Dottie infltrated we were ambushed by Alven. He at least has one good thing going and is a dachshund such as myself. Alven's previous people kept him in the backyard and never paid any attention to him until they decided to dump him off at the shelter. Well my parents being the soft-hearted folk that they are opened their doors and let Alven come live with us. All I can say is that Alven's lack of socialization and proper upbringing definitely affected his development...he is what you would call "special." On top of that he has this big fluffy tail that he's always hitting me in the face with! Very distressing. Fortunately, he and Dottie are now best friends and he plays with her so I can be left alone to my pondering and musing on existential quandaries. He's also a little calmer and I've even let him lie on my blanket for a short time.

During the week while I recover I might let each of them put up a little post of their own and introduce themselves (hey, I can be generous). For now I better get back to working on my recovery so I will say adieu.

Flash's Tip of the Day:
I currently have two dogs up for adoption.

While of questionable
intelligence and prone to drooling you might be able to teach them some of the simplest commands. I'll even throw in one of my least favorite blankets if you take them now! No questions asked!

Please contact me directly for all inquiries. No need to bother my parents. They're busy and all understand...

Oh, and don't use my real name when calling. I will be going by the name Hilberto.


  1. I would take them off your hands flash, but that lopped sided face drool thing is very disconcerting. I hope you understand, but I don't want to get stared at walking down the street. I know you understand, good luck finding them a home...seriously, good luck


    Aunt Nati

  2. I don't know there has to been a reason why you would'nt want them... what would your parents say huh???


  3. Congratulations, you have a beautiful family. All the pictures are great.