Saturday, January 31, 2009

A few of my favorite things...

Julie Andrews isn’t the only one who can come up with a list of her favorite things (this might also come in useful very soon (my birthday is in February)).

1. One of my favorite things of all time is taking naps. I love naps. Taking Naps is definitely #1 on my list of favorite things. I love them for a great many reasons, not least of which is the obvious: who doesn’t?!?! First of all naps are good for the spirit. For example let us say that I have spent a very tiring morning guarding the house against the evil doings of the neighborhood birds, by the afternoon I will find myself struggling for enough energy to go on my daily constitutional. A well placed nap in the late morning, perhaps beside a window (in case the birds try anything sneaky during my siesta) will restore me and get me all ready for my brisk walk to the lake. Naps are also good for making sure you always look your best. A dachshund of my stature should never look anything but dignified and naps ensure that your eyes remain clear, your coat shiny and your tail sprightly. This of course is not a full proof method to better a dog’s appearance. Sadly, if a dog is naturally ugly he can sleep all day and he’ll still be ugly. Naps are also a good way of spending family time. A nap with your pack (preferably on their big doggie bed) can be very satisfying, especially if they throw in a belly rub. I can go on about why naps are so great, but I won’t. We must move on and get to the rest of the list.

2. Food is another of my favoritest things. Yes, it is true that most everyone likes food, but I LOVE food. Food is a very important part of my life. I love my kibbles. I don’t get the same dog food as just any dog either. Mine is special. It comes directly from my doctor. While I don’t care for him particularly I must admit he makes a good kibble. Sadly, Sandra and Joe only give me my kibbles twice a day; in the morning and late in the afternoon. Therefore, the rest of the day I devote a good portion of my time to coming up with ways to get more. I have been systematically perfecting my “Give me food” face. I’ve been trying various combinations and I feel I’m very close to coming up with the ultimate face that will leave them with no other choice but to give me any bit of food I desire. Testing of the “give me food,” face has been slow going I will admit. I mostly blame this on the fact that Sandra and Joe won’t let me practice next to them while they eat, but as soon as I get them to give up that silly rule they will be putty in my paws. Then, oh sweet, delectable morsels, you shall all be mine! I’m very excited about what the future holds thanks to my techniques.

3. Moving on, my next most favorite thing would have to be burrowing. I’m a big supporter of burrowing. Now this does not necessarily have to be done outdoors though that’s fun too. No, what I’m talking about is burrowing inside a nice, warm, fuzzy blanket. Heaven! Don’t be afraid to just completely cover yourself up all the way, the head and tail too. Make sure those are nice and tucked in. Then you let out a contented sigh (just one, don’t overdue it) and drift off to your happy place. Burrowing is not just a good time it is also good practice for those times when you must practice your stealthiness. Many a time I have been in the midst of burrowing when Sandra and Joe start looking for me and have no idea I’m actually inside my blanket. During these times you must maintain radio silence as they say and make sure not to give away your position. Of course, if they offer treats as an enticement to come out than its okay (please see number two on my list). A key element to burrowing though is having the right blanket. I would recommend a furry one as this will give you the optimum warm cuddly feeling, but if you don’t have one than just use your favorite blanket. Try it, you’ll thank me.

4. I also very much enjoy going on walks. A nice walk in the afternoon before my dinner can be very refreshing. I like walking in my neighborhood because there are lots of grassy areas and plenty of places to sniff and explore. Sniffing is a big part of why I love walks. Your person might be like mine and not understand the importance of good sniffing time, but this is a concept that is hard for them to grasp. Sandra and Joe usually make me walk next to them during the first part of the walk, but once we get to the back where the lake is I get my sniffing time. I always know when we’re getting near and I’ll wag my tail to let Sandra know that we’re getting close to my sniffing time. At the lake I’m free to explore all the new things that have been happening in the neighborhood. We also have a lot of animals that live nearby in the woods and that just adds to all the layers of sniffing that must be done. It is hard work and very time consuming but I enjoy it. Sometimes, if the weather is nice we will go to the lake and Sandra will sit down and wait while I sniff away to my hearts content. Those are my favorite times. I also like to go for walks so I can patrol the area for any threats. It is important to always be aware of the other dogs in the community and if any pose any kind of danger. I am always alert during my walks and make sure to point out to Sandra or Joe if I see any dogs approach us. The other dogs where I live are all an unruly and scruffy looking bunch. Not one of them even comes close to my dachshund greatness which is further reason to always remain vigilant.

5. But let us leave such troubling subjects and move on to one that is dear to my heart: my undying love of doggy beds! The last time I counted I own four of them. The first one I ever owned is black and goes in my crate. Then I was given my second bed. It is beige and looks a bit like a box. I mostly use this one in the living room and it is very soft. It is also perfect for when I want to nudge myself into a nook. I have a hot pink beach towel I like to use when I’m in my beige doggy bed. A very nice combination. Then I have the first doggy bed my Grandma made me. It’s a nice giant pillow-type doggy bed made of a lot of different quilt patches. I love it because it allows me to spread out in the middle and then the bed hugs me like a hot dog bun. My last doggy bed is the one my Grandma most recently made me. It is also a pillow-type and it’s red and yellow, very festive, but the best part is that it comes with a fabulous fuzzy blanket! It is the perfect blanket for burrowing! As you already know I have a great love of burrowing so this doggy bed is just great. Grandma is a genius. However, my most favorite of all time, the one I love the mostest, has got to be, hands down, no contest, the BIG doggy bed! I heart you big doggy bed! Well, for the sake of clarity I will say that it is actually the doggy bed my mom and dad sleep in, but it’s still my fav. They don’t let me on it as much as I would like and I do feel they can work a bit on their generosity. Sometimes they do let me sleep with them at night and that is a big treat. I sleep mostly next to my mom tucked up next to her, but sometimes they let me sleep in the middle and I take turns at night tucking myself in next each of them. If they don’t let me sleep with them at night I try and not feel too bad though since I know that in the morning after dad gives me my breakfast mom always lets me jump up for some “pre-waking up cuddle time.” I jump up and nudge my nose into her side to let her know I have arrived and she can commence petting my head to lull me to sleep. This is my favorite time of the day and I always look forward to it.

Well I think I’ve listed enough things for today and really all this writing has just pooped me out. Oh! I see my mom is in the big doggy bed reading! I’m her reading partner so she always lets me on the big bed when she has a book. I gotta go, bye!

Flash's Tip of the Day:
It's always best to enjoy the simple things in life like a surprise afternoon treat you weren't expecting, a new furry blanket, when your people forget to close the bedroom door and you get the big doggy bed to yourself all day. That's the good stuff.

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  1. Flashy,
    There is this saying in Spanish “Estoy llevando una vida de perros”, I’m having a dog’s life, when things come harsh and difficult, but I can see that is not your case and I’m glad for that.
    It is true, we have to learn to enjoy the simple things.