Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Birthday Month!

My birthday month is here! Yes, we will be celebrating the year of my birth all month long. I will be turning eight years young. Please send all presents to my mom Sandra and she will make sure that I get them. I welcome all kinds of edible treats, and snacks. Also feel free to send blankets, doggy beds, new collar and leash sets, cakes, sandwiches, smoothies, chips, steaks, chicken, etc.

The not so fun part of my birthday month is that my parents are taking me to see the doctor on Saturday for my annual check up and shots. They always have to come up with a way to rain on my parade...tragic. Oh well, I will not linger over such troubling thoughts. Better to picture all the gifts I'm sure to receive. Being this cute comes in handy from time to time let me tell you. I'll be sure to post pictures of my birthday celebration and the presents I get. ☺

Flash's Tip of the Day:

Send me presents!


  1. Happy birthday Flashy,
    I'm sending you this link that you mom can bake you a birthday cake. I has recipes for dogs with alergies and different kind of cakes.
    I can not wait for the good pictures and sure my present is on its way.

  2. Hi Flash, Happy birthday. Me and your uncle Manny sent you a lighty up leash, so that they can see you coming from a mile know so you can get your just attention. I am very much enjoying your blog, good job with that.

    -Your favorite Aunt