Thursday, January 29, 2009

A new home

Now that you know a little bit about me I think I’ll tell you about how it is that I came to live with my current people:

I spent my puppyhood and adult years in the state of Alabama where I was born. However, like many before me I moved to Florida, the great sunshine state, to spend my retirement years. But instead of following the crowds to Boca Raton I decided that I would set up my new home in Orlando. You can call me a trendsetter if you will.

When I first came to Florida I didn’t know exactly where I would end up but I was sure that a life of luxury and adventure was waiting for me. I got off to a bit of a bumpy start though. When I first arrived I was taken to a place the people called a shelter. I did not look my best because I had become a little sick during my travels and would have liked a moment to myself but instead I was put in a waiting area with another dog right away. My roommate and I did not get along as I have a great distrust of other dogs. Many dogs do not have such noble hearts as the dachshund and you must always be careful around them. They can be up to any kind of trickery and you would not want to dishonor yourself by not being prepared. This particular dog had a bit of the crazy eyes about him and I knew instantly that I would need to keep my guard up. All day people walked by my waiting area, some would look in but since I had not been allowed some time to groom, they would quickly keep walking past. I could not blame them for not caring for my roommate, who to anyone with a brain it was obvious he was not trustworthy, but I felt angry that they could not see my dachshund greatness and stop for a moment so I could see if they would be good as a perspective person. While I was being careful to not give Crazy Eyes my back a person came and approached my waiting area. I saw it was a girl and she bent down to take a better look inside. She called me over I went to take a closer look.

She had kind eyes and smelled good, like grass and sweets. I thought she looked very promising. I looked up at her and asked her if she had any previous experience with dachshunds. She smiled down at me and then turned to a person who was slowly walking toward her. I heard her say “Look Joe! A cute hot-dog, dog!” She had obviously not heard my question, but I did agree that I was feeling a bit warm in the Florida humidity and of course I’m adorable. I was glad she could see that despite the way I looked at the moment. I tried a different question, “What is your pervious dog experience?” Again, she did not answer my question, but I have learned that people are not always good at listening to dogs. I do not hold this against them though because people are not as superior as the dachshund and you cannot blame them for something that is out of their control.

But I digress. Back to the story. Soon after she noticed my attractive qualities I was taken to another waiting area where there was a bench. I saw the girl again and this time she was with a boy and he was sitting on the bench. Since I had already tried asking the girl my questions to no avail I decided to try my luck with the boy. I went right up to him and asked him if he had any experience with a dachshund before and what kind of food he would be supplying. In case he had some kind of hearing impediment I made sure to reach up to his lap and concentrated very hard while looking into his eyes. He looked down at me and petted my head. I did not notice right away, distracted as I was at the moment that he too had not answered my question. We sat together for a while and though they were clearly of limited understanding they seemed to be a nice couple. The girl walked me up and down the yard a couple of times and was excited when I walked, like the gentleman that I am, quietly next to her. People, they are such a simple lot; so easily pleased by the small things. But they cannot know that to a dog of such prominence as me such things come quite naturally. The pair started growing on me and I was ready to let them know that I would be pleased to allow them to escort me to their home when I was taken away and put back with Crazy Eyes. This turn of events was very troubling and I could only watch as the pair walked back into the building and I was left with a scruffy looking companion with only enough sense to chase his own tail (so undignified).

It was a long night and an even longer next day. I had few visitors by my area and I was still not allowed proper grooming time. I noticed that all the holding areas had colored cards and when someone chose a dog they would take that dog’s card of their door and walk away. Then a little later someone would come and take the dog away and everyone looked very happy. I began to despair when the sun started falling again and no one had taken my colored card and no one had taken me away making happy sounds. Just as I started along this troubling train of thought I saw the same boy from the day before walking towards me. He smiled and put a device to his ear and started talking to it. Soon after the girl came running towards us and she also had a device to her ear. “Oh look” I said to Crazy Eyes, forgetting for a moment that he was probably evil incarnate, “She’s looking at my colored card!” And she was; she really was looking at my card. She quickly took it off my door and ran inside the building and the boy followed. I knew exactly what would happen. I had seen it all day. Someone would come for me. They would take me out, they would make happy sounds and I would go with the boy and the girl. I knew it inside, in that place where you know when good things are going to happen. I stayed very still by the door careful not to show any sign of not being a great dachshund, any sign they might mistake for unworthiness. I closed my eyes and waited; waited for the happy sounds. Then, just like I knew it would be they came for me. There were the happy sounds and we were moving, leaving the place the people called the shelter behind and leaving Crazy Eyes behind. And then there they were, my new people making more happy sounds as they opened their arms and put a new collar on me. I looked up into their eyes and I knew these were my new people as they kissed my head and took me away from this place they called the shelter.

Outside they took me for a ride in a car. I love riding in cars. And as I sat and let the wind blow across my head and ears I looked up at them and said “I know you’ll be good. I know in that place inside where you know good things are going to happen. I know.” And they smiled at me and patted me on my head and took me far away from that place and brought me here to my new home and now we are a family my new mom says. I have lots of beds and blankets, I take naps by the window, I go for long walks, I get treats and at night we all go to sleep in a warm place. This is how I came to be here in my new home.

Flash's Tip of the Day:
A dog should never give up hope because you never know when life will give you something to wag your tail about.


  1. What would flash do without you guys? but a more important question...what would YOU do without flash?
    Happy family times...why don't you post the one of the WHOLE family flash? Are we not worthy!?!

  2. I like your story Flashy, and for sure, a happy ending, but pretty sure not all happy.
    I can see, for the pictures, that pretty much all is sweet, but you don’t look that easy to please.
    Tell us about the adjustments you had made in your new life and the difficulties your encountered.