Sunday, June 17, 2012

Wagon's aren't for everyone

We had a great weekend as a family celebrating Doggy Father's Day. We relaxed and hung out around the house and on Saturday we also went to one of our favorite spots, Merrifield Garden Center. It's a great place to walk around in and they also allow doggies. One of our favorite parts are the Radio Flyer wagon's that you can use to collect the plants you want to buy and take them to the cashier and out to your car. I am a great lover of wagon's so of course I wanted to get a picture of my pups in one. Trying to get them all in there, and posing, proved to be a bit more than we could handle so I settled for individual shots. They did not all share in my enthusiasm. Here is a clear example of how not everyone was on board with the wagon idea.

Alven: Oh yea! I make this wagon look good.
Flash: I choose death...

Dottie is not featured in this photo collage because we could not get her to sit long enough to get a picture. She is convinced that she is part of the Merrifield customer experience team and that it is her duty to say hello to every single shopper at least twice. It also doesn't help when most people want to stop and say hello to her too. Being a wagon model was apparently not in the job description though.


  1. Ha! Alven, you should be in a marketing flyer for little red wagons. You make them look GOOD!

  2. We agree! You could make lots of money being their model. Just think of all the treats you could buy.

    Lily Belle

  3. I think the only one the whole wagon idea is Alven. Flash is ready to jump out of it. Maybe next time if daddy or mom, or both of them, sit with each of them, or a family group, in the wagon, you will have more success. Just an idea.