Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Memories of a baby girl

Today I was remembering how precious our Dottie used to be as puppy. She was a wee little girl full of spunk and sweetness. She was just about the cutest thing ever and I remember how I could pick her up without breaking my back. I thought about how she used to follow me around like I was the coolest thing ever and would never let me out of her sight. She was my little shadow and helped me make new friends in a town where we didn't know anyone. It made me miss the days when she still had puppy breath and smelled like new. I almost wished I could relive those days even for a little bit.

Then, I remembered how she also ate every single flip flop in the house and tried to eat herself out of three dog beds. There was also the time she ate her own rubber toy and had to spend the night in the emergency room, and we decided going on a vacation once a year was just crazy talk. And, who could forget the tantrums she would throw in public while learning to walk on a leash and not pull after squirrels? Not to mention the time she ate something strange at the dog park and had to be rushed to the emergency room and we decided that people who bought new tires were just being flashy.

Then I decided I couldn't remember how she and I both managed to survive her puppyhood and I should be grateful every day I open my eyes and haven't had a nervous breakdown.


  1. I remember how I would pick her up and hug her close, and kiss her head....and she kept trying to pry herself free. ahh the good old days. Wonderful puppy pic!

    Aunt Nati

  2. the bottom line is...Enjoy every moment now while it last, with the good and the bad because the grow so fast, it looks like the blink of the eye. And then she will go thru her senior years and you will remember how impatient,independent, strong and full of energy she was and how nothing was fast enough for her. She was your challenge and your pride .. everything in its due season and you will love all of them.