Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A lovely stranger

The other day we were hanging out in the backyard, with the pups, when we had an unexpected visitor. Alven and Flash started barking and running up to the fence and Dottie could not figure out if she was worried about all the commotion, or if this was her long lost best friend. Not being as quick on the reaction time it took me a second to turn around and see a giant husky at our fence. A giant, very wet, but super adorable, husky.

My first reaction was to simultaneously try and get the dogs to be quiet, call out to Joe to get me a leash, and not scare her off. Thankfully, this is not our first rodeo and we know what to do. I got our dogs in check (more like in check-ish) and Joe went out through the front door with the leash. That first moment when you approach a strange dog is always a little tense (and we have done this A Lot now), because you never know how it will go. They look friendly, but will they stay that way if I try and leash them? Am I going to scare them and they'll run off and I will replay that moment in my head a hundred times (been there!)? Or, will they be a big love muffin?

Thankfully, she was just a giant pup full of kisses and tail wags. Joe leashed her up, I got the car keys and the search for her owners began. This time though we were able to find the owner within 20 minutes, which was kind of a miracle. It seems she had either broken out of her leash while on her dog runner, or the leash had broken on its own. Either way, her owner was very happy to have her home. He was a young boy who had been out looking for her, but in the wrong direction. And let me tell you his mom was not a happy camper. You could tell it was one of those "wait until we're inside" situations for letting the dog get away. The husky however, seemed pleased as punch as she trotted back into the house. She went for an adventure, met some new friends, and then got treats AND a ride home! A day well spent in her mind.

Today when I passed her house, during our walk, I had to chuckle. There was no sign of her in the yard. Or, the boy. I think there are two sulking kids in there under house arrest. She was a cutie pie and I hope I get a glimpse of her soon, but in her yard, not running down my street.


  1. Oh man, you guys are like magnets for stray dogs! what is this one like the hundreth this year alone, hilarious. So glad that you found the owners quickly this time. They must have been so worried. Best of luck husky!

  2. Im happy that all have a happy ending and proud that you are pro-active in getting the situation under control for another family and their puppy. well done!