Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Weekend Good Times with the Cousins

This past weekend we went out on a little adventure with our cousins, Maria and Rosie, and their Mom and Dad too. We all drove down to Old Town Alexandria and did some walking around, sipped on some refreshing beverages and had ourselves some good times. Since we all had so much fun we thought we would put up some pictures of our cousins enjoying their weekend outing.

Here is a cute family portrait.
From left to right that is Aunt Natalia, Cousin Maria, Cousin Rosie and Uncle Manny.
Loving the windswept look on the girls.

Here the girls are posing at the pavilion.
Maria is the tallest amongst us pups, but here she looks super teeny tiny. Hehehe.


  1. Nice pictures of a beautiful family. How did you get the girls to stay put for that picture? They look cute in their hair cut.

  2. A LOT of practicing in the backyard before we take "public stay" public :) I was actually really impressed with them in this picture because there were tons of pigeons around the square that were very hard for them to resist. If you look close, they are not looking at us behind the camara, they are looking to the side where pigeons were flocking. Oh, and taking the picture very quickly :)

    Aunt Natalia