Sunday, February 5, 2012


February is here which is a big month in the family. It's the birthday month for almost all of our dogs. So, I thought we would pay a visit to the past and remember when each of our birthday pups came into our lives.

The first pup to join the family was none other than Mr. Flash. He came to us at the mature age of seven when we adopted him from the Orlando SPCA. He was very sick and actually covered in poop, but it was still love at first sight. Little did we know that bringing this little guy home would start a chain of events that would end with four other dogs joining the family.

He was the first, he was the grumpiest, and to some he was the cutest. He is the love of his dad's life and the rest of us are all grateful that he even graces us with the occasional glance. This year he celebrates his eleventh birthday and we hope to have many more years to enjoy our little old guy.

Love you Mr. Flash!


  1. I can't imagine Mr. Flash being grumpy. Unless it is over somebuddy takin his favorite nappin spot.

  2. We all love Mr. Flash very much, and do our best not to upset his grumpy disposition very much. He is almost always so tolerant of us, and we are very grateful to have the chance to be in his presence.

    We love you grumpers, happy ~11th!

    Aunt Nati, and the girls (Rosie & Maria)

  3. He's such a cutie
    Dachshund Nola

  4. Hi,

    My name is Jen Wojcik and I came across some ink drawings of old cameras that you did quite a while ago on your old blog. I really LOVE them and was wondering if I could use one of them for the logo on my site. I'm a portrait and wedding photographer. You can check my site out here:

    It would really mean a lot to me, I really do love it!


  5. Happy Birthday Flash.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  6. You, Mr. Flash made our hearts big enough for 4 more dogs and all the dogs in the world... def was love from day one thru ever and ever.

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  8. Hi Sandra! I have been trying to reach you several times on your old blog but couldn't get hold of you and happened to check again in case you replied but I found this site. Yay! I was wondering if it was okay to use the drawings of your brownie and rolleiflex. We're wedding photographers and really love your drawings and would be more than happy to pay to use them. We just actually launched our new site with the drawings and made sure to credit you on our About page with a link to your little blue pencil site. I would love to hear back from you! ~ Kristine
    P.S. Mr. Flash is so cute ♥