Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The many faces of Maria

This past Sunday Maria had an appointment with her personal groomer (her mom (oh and it might have been made against her will)). During the grooming session we decided to do a little beauty montage and explore different style options.

The nerd/evil genius/serial killer:

The punk rocker/chocolate & vanilla swirl/unicorn dog:

The Donal Trump/the comb over/old man 50's hair:


  1. What hairstyle did you end up with Maria? We kinda like the Trump over.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  2. Maria those are some... interesting styles!!!

  3. lol! SO CUTE! i like the evil genius! lol

  4. i can tell you want thing for sure..MARIA IS NOT HAPPY. you look cute.

  5. Yeah, mom and dad had a blast with the photo session there. I was more interested in the treats and getting off the kitchen table as soon as possible. I ended up with a shaved head, something about my hair mats so easily that mom is tired of combing it out multiple times a day. I think I ended up with a pup/youthful/she might be hiding her pattern baldness look.

    Thanks moms!

    Cousin Maria