Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another snow day

We got another whopper of a snow day today. There were no walks to be had, and our advanced obedience class was canceled. Oh well, just more indoor snuggle time with the pups. However, snow or no snow, bathroom breaks can't be avoided. Here are some pictures of what the outside looked like when we let the pups out to do their business.

That's Alven walking next to the back fence. It was still snowing pretty hard, but he didn't seem to mind at all.

Someone who did mind very much was our Mr. Flash. Here he is looking very miserably at having to go out to pee in these kinds of conditions (and that I had to take a picture of him while he did so, hehe)

Here is what one of the trees in our yard looked like. The snow has made it droop in some spots all the way to the floor

Dottie was very interested in inspecting the tree and I had to stop her from eating the snow off the branches

Dottie and Alven, our two snow dogs, didn't let the weather keep them from having some fun

In this picture Joe is trying to clear a spot for Mr. Flash so he can be more comfortable next time we have to take him out. That little black lump inside the house is Mr. Flash on his doggy bed grumbling about getting his paws wet and cold.


  1. Oh you poor thingys. We Dachshunds are just not... built fur Snow!!!

  2. LOL, I'm going through the same thing. Beckett loves playing in the snow, and even rolling in it. Meadow demands a sweater, coat and multiple treats to go outside and do her business.

  3. It looks as it was a hard hit of winter this time.
    we can not wait for spring and pretty sure the puppies too.

  4. Winter wonderland! I have no clue what flash keeps complaining about, it is so much fun!

    cousin Maria

  5. Poor Flashy! but im glad Dottie and Alven enjoyed their time out! the snow is Beautiful tho!