Sunday, December 12, 2010

Congratulations To Our Graduates

Rosie and Flash successfully completed their doggy class this past Saturday. They were both taking a class called Mindful Mutts at the same school where Dottie and Alven are taking their obedience classes. Mindful mutts is for dogs with anxiety and confidence issues. We learned massages that will help calm them, ways to build their confidence, how to better introduce them to situations they might find stressful, and how to better communicate with them so that they can understand that we are in charge and they don't need to worry. Rosie took the class to help her with her fear of strangers and new places and Flash took the class to help him get over his fear of strange dogs and new places.

We got a lot out of the class and both pups have made a great improvement. Just being able to take them to a place that was controlled, and where they can be around other dogs, and other people and everyone is on the same page and wants to help them was really the best part of the class. We enjoyed meeting the other pups in the class and their parents. It was definitely the highlight of our Saturday's. Our instructor Kathy even thinks they are ready to take the next step and move on to the novice obedience class, which is a big step for these two. A couple of months ago the thought of putting them in a situation with ten other strange dogs and fifteen strangers was more than these two could probably handle, but now I think it is very doable. We are looking forward to enrolling them for the next novice class which starts in January. They already know all the basic commands and then some so we won't be focusing so much on them sitting and staying, but just being able to be relaxed and calm while in the middle of lots of people and other dogs.

They are really coming along and I have no doubt that some day soon these two are going to come out of their shells and be real social butterflies. In the meantime, Congratulations Rosie and Flash!!!!

(They each received a diploma, a Christmas toy and a giant biscuit. The dog biscuits were added using Photoshop since they did not make it out of the class alive)


  1. Dear Rosie and Flash,
    I just want to say that I am VERY much PROUD of BOTH of you. I think you did grrreat to be able to pass this impawtant class... and now you have been asked to... FURther your education. EXCELLENT JOB.

  2. Congratulations Rosie and Flash!!

    I just love your graduation fotos!

  3. Love you guys !


  4. Congrats to my big sis and cousin flashakins, we are all proud of you and your accompl......wait they give out GIANT dog biscuits!?! just for going?! And you get a toy to eat too, i mean play with?

    Why haven't I been taken to school! not fair!

    Cousin Maria

  5. So proud of you guys! i hope your excited for the nest class!

    - Mabel

  6. The classes will make them more relax and happier. That is great. Congratulations!!!