Monday, December 6, 2010

Another head scratcher

Here is another picture for the "What the...?" series.

Now, don't think that this is an "action shot." She wasn't half way through burrowing herself into the rest of the bed and blanket. Nope, this was actually how she decided she was going to take a nap. But really, who hasn't looked at a bed and said to themselves, "You know, I think I'll be much more comfortable if I hang half of my body off the side." Maybe it's good for the circulation. Who are we to judge? If she can sleep like that and still maintain sensation in the lower part of her body, then good for her.

After about fifteen minutes of this position she did change it up just a tad.

Perchance her leg got a little chilly, or since she was now resting her butt against the other cushion she didn't need it for balance. Either way it was strange, it was hilarious, it was 100% Dottie style.


  1. well that was a good chuckle worthy picture, oh to be young and a dog.

  2. Hummmmm now that I have actually seen a picture of this... I can understand why it is my mom keeps laughing at ME.

  3. Bwawahhaahhahahahahahhaa!!!!

    Thanks for da smiles and chuckles today, Dottie!!!!

    Love it!

  4. Take a hint, she obviously is telling you she needs a bigger bed. Especially if Alven insists on joining her every now and then (ie, every day).

    Aunt Nati

  5. Hahahahaha! That's fabulous!

  6. Maybe she is telling you..."GET ME A NEW BED, THIS ONE IS TOO LITTLE FOR ME. I'm growing and growing.
    I'm a good girl now and do not eat my bed. Get me a new bed, the winter is around the corner. Glad you could see my point mom.