Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hounds On The Town - Corn Maze

This past weekend was jammed packed with good times. Mom and Dad took us to our very first Hounds On The Town event that our doggy school was hosting. They have them once a month and anyone who's ever taken a class with them is welcome to come and spend a couple of hours practicing their skills out in the real world. There were about 15 other pups and their owners there to meet and mingle with. This month the group headed out to a corn maze. At first we didn't know what that was, but we knew we liked having adventures so we were all for it. Turns out a corn maze is like a giant puzzle made out of corn. Awesome! Well...it was awesome until they told us we weren't allowed to eat the corn. Bummer!

Since this was our very first Hounds on the Town event, Mom and Dad had their hands full keeping us "well behaved" (they are so dictatorial) in the middle of a giant edible maze and with so many new friends. This means that Mom didn't get a chance to snap a picture of all the dogs that went while trying to wrangle Dottie out of the corn. Our teacher did take a group picture at the beginning of the day though. As soon as it gets loaded up on their website we'll post a link on the blog. We had a great time, especially when the whole group got lost inside the maze and no one could figure out how to get out. This was fun for us because it gave us even more opportunities to eat corn off the floor and do lots of butt sniffing while the humans stood around trying to figure out where they were standing. Bless their sweet, simple-minded ways.

Here are some pictures that Mom did manage to take after the day was over and we stayed behind to do a little more exploring.

Here we are at the start of the maze (this is a reenactment). Dottie is grumbling about the whole no picking the corn rule.

This is us at the end of the maze (also a reenactment). Mom is excited to have made it out alive.

Here we are with Dad on the outside of the maze. Dad didn't want to risk going in again and getting lost (again), but we all know Dottie could eat her way out of there. Duh!

After, we headed back to the main farm area and we got the chance to pick out a couple of pumpkins.

We made a new friend which Mom and Dottie found hilarious. Poor thing. It's not her fault she's kinda ugly.

Mom let us explore some giant tires they had lying around.

We both fit in one of these bad boys. These things are F.U.N.


  1. What a WONDERFUL adventure and and excellent... instant re-play..

  2. That is a great idea fur an outing with your furrends! I bet it was loads of fun wandering around in da maze with all da other dogs! Can't wait to see the group foto


  3. Great pictures! Next time we are going too!

    Cousin Maria

  4. Oh! That looks like fun! I do love to eat corn on the cob so I would probably be like Dottie! I've never had it not cooked though. It is just like humans to get lost. They shoulda let one of you sniff the way out.....duh!

  5. What a pawsitively fun day!!! We love the cow (since our Mama works in a dairy laboratory, lol!))

    (((Hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena