Saturday, September 25, 2010

Riding in style

Now that our doggy pack has expanded to include Rosie and Maria we had to put in a request with management (aka Mom and Dad) to come up with a roomier transportation solution. There just isn't enough space for all five of us in the back seat of any of the cars, especially if Maria and Dottie persist in being all tall and leggy. This meant we had to take two cars anywhere all us pups wanted to go which is no good because we like to stay together. Well, after much deliberation and rearranging Mom and Dad came up with the perfect solution!

We present to you (cue the drum roll)

Mom generously (she made us say that) contributed her car for our personal transportation needs. All she had to do was put down the back seat, put in some cushions to level the back area and fill in the gaps, and then finish it off with our favorite blankets. Now all five us can drive together to all of our adventures in comfort.

As you can see in this picture we all fit with room to spare

These are some action shots of us enjoying the doggy wagon

If Aunt Nati ever wants to come along for a ride then all we have to do is put up the little seat in the back and that still leaves plenty of room for all us pups. Aunt Nati and Mom take turns seating in the back with us, because they say it is fun to ride with all us doggies. Duh! We are a fun loving bunch. We are really enjoying the doggy wagon and hope to use it to go to lots more new places and have lots more adventures.


  1. Wowser! You guys can travel in style now!!

    and how did I miss two new members in your pack??? I must go check you older posts with da quickness.....


  2. Wait...when did you add to your pack?!?! Those are some cute new faces though. :-)

  3. The doggy wagon rules! there is a panaromic view, we get to stretch out, and alternate sunny spots. The best ever! But guys, next time I get to ride up front with Aunt Sandra...she said I could.

    Cousin Maria

  4. Yes, riding in style! I have my own seat belt, and am supposed to sit still in my seat in the middle, instead, I push Sarah (my human) into the middle, and go for the window seat! :D

    I love your blog, you are all too cute.
    I hope we can all be grreat furends!
    Cuddles and licks,
    Love Miley xxx

  5. the transportation looks very good. Now get the good places to go. Always ready for the fun. lucky you!