Friday, September 24, 2010

Doxie's in the big city

So as we posted previously we recently took a trip to the "Big Apple." We never got a chance to see this giant piece of produce, but we did have a lot of fun in the city. We got to visit our grandma who lives in Queens where my mom and dad used to live (we didn't know they were royalty!) and that was a lot of fun. We also made some new friends which is always a good time.

We would have posted our pictures sooner, but Mom has been working on some freelance projects (whatever that means) and she couldn't get away. There are also supposed to be more fun pictures of when we went swimming in Prospect Park but our new friend Roland hasn't sent us the pictures yet so we can't share them (Mom says she knows where you live and you better send her the pictures Roland! She takes these things soooo serious, jeez). But we will at least put up the ones we do have.

Here I am getting my first view of the city. I had never seen such big buildings. Oh my goodness, can you imagine how many squeaky toys would fit in those. Wow!

I had also never seen so many cars. Dad said that we were on the Brooklyn/Queens Expressway, but I don't know about that because we weren't going express at all. It was more like a big parking lot.

It took us six hours to get to NYC and I was starting to get pretty tired, but I didn't want to lie down and maybe miss something exciting.

When we finally got to my grandma's house we did A LOT of resting and that was very nice. The next day I was recharged and ready for adventure! Grandma knew I was ready for a good time so she took us to some trails that are around her house and we had so much fun.

Here I am walking with my mom and Grandma Olga is walking with Alven. We did so much smelling and exploring. I wanted to walk on my own but Mom says she trusts me to stay by her side off leash about as much as she trusts Alven around a lizard. How rude!

At the end of the trail we had to take a little break so that Alven and Flash could rest. Gosh, they are so boring! I was ready to go, Go, GO!

Dad said that he would walk ahead with me and Flash. He took a picture of me waiting for the rest of the group to catch up. It's a good thing for them I'm so patient.

We also met up with our parents friends from high school Roland and Maria and their two pups Cori and Toby. Cori is the Corgi and Toby is the fluffy black one. We also met up with our Dad's sister, Joyi, because it was her birthday weekend (she's the one in black).

We had such a super great time making new friends. We did a lot of fun things but Roland has those pictures and when he finally sends them to our mom we will put them up.

I was also excited to meet Cori because if you will recall I am one third Corgi myself. Our parents wondered if maybe we would look a little bit alike.

Here is a side by side comparison. Oh, and the one ruining the picture in front is Toby. What a camera hog!

You can't really tell in this picture, but we both have white dots on our foreheads and a white line down to our nose, but that's about it. But really it's not Cori's fault that I'm cuter. Poor guy. I tried not to rub it in though because I was raised right. He was still a lot of fun and we hope to get a chance to see him again soon.

So that was a small glimpse into our NYC trip. Hopefully we can share the rest of the pictures some day before I turn eleven, but I won't hold my breath.


  1. That sounds like quite the fun trip!!

  2. Did you see a big Parade there? My mom and dad did one time.
    Mom says I would not like that place much. Butt you make it sound GRRRREAT. I think I'll just trust YOU... my goood furends. hehehe

  3. Great pictures. It was all fun and a lot of new experiences. talking about enrichment!!. I miss you all. come back soon