Monday, July 12, 2010

Work Pictures

Most people at work bring in pictures of their kids, or other little reminders of their family. They show off the pictures of their little ones at dance recitals, baseball games, or school plays. Proud doggy parents are no different. My three pups each have their own picture right on top of my computer in the place of honor. They keep me company during the day and remind me to come home as soon as possible. When the day starts dragging, or something bothers me I just have to look over and see these 3 furry faces. Then I remember to just let it all go, because the ones that really matter are waiting for me at home so we can go for our walk.

No kids yet for me, but I still brag about my pups at every milestone. Even if the milestone is just being able to say that my socks are finally safe from harm.


  1. I love to brag about Milly and Shelby, too. I tell my students that they are my kids and I tell them stories about Milly and Shelby all the time. :)

  2. LOL I have pics of my dogs around my office, as well as on my computer desktop and screen savers. People will come up too me and ask me about my dogs all the time.

  3. My mom is a member of the "Parents of Only Dogs" club too! Heeehehe

    Love the picture of Alven, with his tongue hanging out!!!!!


  4. love is love and gives meaning to our lives, and besides, who will not love those faces

  5. Mom loves to brag about us. That's why she had a blog, so she can tell the whole world about us.
    Love The pictues.
    Love Ruby & Penny