Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Good news for Mr. Flash

Joe got the call from the vet today with the results from the pathologist. The "other cells," are benign. Definitely a relief. All week I've been trying not to worry too much but it was never far from our minds. We have also decided to schedule an appointment to have the lump removed next week. The fact that it is mostly just fatty cells and some kind of benign cells is good news, but the lump is obviously starting to change and I don't want to risk it turning malignant at some point down the line. I'm not even really sure if that is how lumps, and cells work, but why take the chance when we can just take it out? The doctor assured us the procedure is non-invasive and relatively uncomplicated. Of course there is no guarantee that other lumps won't appear later, but for now I'll be glad to know this one will be history and not on Flash.

Today I came home from work and shared the good news with Mr. Flash himself. He did not seem especially excited, but was more preoccupied with smelling me. "Yea, yea. Enough with the idle chit chat Mom. Tell me, did you have chicken for lunch?"

Despite his indifference I decided something special was in order. How did we celebrate you ask? By going on a Flash and Mom, private, bonding, one-on-one walk. Complete with lizard hunting!

He had a good time and I was glad to see him perky and frisky. The old guy still knows how to bring his A game when confronted with his nemesis, the vile lizard!


  1. That is SUPER GRRRRREAT NEWS... Gone in a Flash. hehehe

  2. always awesome news! :) Wonderful pictures too! XoXo

  3. I agree, get that sucker out! He will have to take a little break from lizard hunting, but in the long run it may mean years of happy searching.

    Aunt Nati

  4. YAY!!!! That is the BESTEST news this week in BlogLand!

    Goooooooo Flash!


  5. I think a cupcake is in order. Maybe after surgery, just to wrap up all with a big note

  6. So glad to hear your good news, Flash! It sounds like you three are moving to our neck of the woods, so maybe we can meet up! Kate & Allie in the Capitol region!

  7. oh thank goodness! i saw a tiny skink the other day, and totally wanted a piece o dat!

  8. Oh, that is such good news!!! (oh, yeah and the benign thingey is great too!) But lizard hunting? And one on one time?? Too pawsome to imagine!!!

    Way to go, Flash!!!

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena