Thursday, July 1, 2010

Walk, Worm, Wet Weather

I came home today to dark and threatening skies. The clouds were moving in and I could feel that pre-rain wind. I hurried to get ready and leash up the pups so we could go for our afternoon walk before the storm hit. It was still a ways away and I thought we could get in a good twenty minutes. After so much heat and humidity the wind felt wonderful. I could tell the pups enjoyed it as well and Flash was even walking with a little extra skip in his step. I had planned to stay close to the house in case the rain started coming down, but I got so distracted enjoying the breeze that I didn't notice I was wandering farther away from home. We had also been walking for a half hour so I was beginning to get lured into a fall sense of security. Maybe it won't rain after all and it'll just pass us by.

Suddenly I felt a big, fat raindrop fall right on my forehead. Oh snap! Right after two more hit me on the ear and my head. I turned around and started walking back at a brisk pace. Flash must have also felt some drops because he started trying to get home even faster than me (he's not a big fan of getting wet). We were still a good two blocks from the house when the skies opened up and let us have it. "Aaaahhhhhh!! Run for it everybody!!!" We were really booking it when I felt Alven's leash tense and my arm jerked back. I turned around just in time to see him pick up a dead worm and start chewing it. "Alven!!!! This is not the time for this!" Grrr.

I hesitated a fraction of a second. Do I pry the dead worm out of his mouth, or do I let it go and keep running? Alven has been having some "stomach issues" lately which are manifested in some "bathroom issues," if you know what I mean (one guess as to the cause). We were finally able to get him back on track by giving him some chicken and rice for dinner and I didn't want to have it ruined by him swallowing another darn worm. I put on the brakes and turned around to wrestle the worm out of his mouth. All the while the rain is coming down harder and I'm grumbling, "Who stops in the middle of a storm to eat a worm Alven? You need to get your priorities straight! Drop the worm Alven! Do you want to drown over a disgusting worm?!?!?!" Finally I'm victorious and I take the worm and chuck it as far as I can.

Just as I'm about to get up and start running again I hear a car pull up next to us on the street. I turn around and realize it's one of my neighbors in his SUV. He pulls down the window and says, "It's raining."

Now, let me paint you a picture. I'm in the middle of the street just having been crouched over my dog, held a dead worm in my hand, my hair is plastered to my face and my glasses, I'm all wet, my dogs are wet, I'm squinting to try and see past the rain and hair, and I'm feeling a tad perturbed. I wanted to say, "Oh is it? Well that's a relief. I thought I might have some kind of over active sweat gland problem. Thank goodness you came by to put my mind at ease." Other thoughts also popped into my head but this is a G rated blog so let us move on. After I swallowed my sarcasm I just looked at him and said "So it is," and then with all the dignity I could muster while looking like a drowned rat I turned around and walked away. I didn't want to add to the humiliation by running so I very calmly walked at a fast pace while Flash pulled me like a race horse, Dottie kept trying to stop and shake off the rain and Alven kept scanning for worms. Way to save face Sandra!

When I finally got home I rushed us all inside turned to Alven and said "You are in such trouble Mister. Your worm addiction is going to be the end of me!" He looked at me for a second and then ran off to roll on the rug and get that nice wet dog smell all over the living room. Good times...

P.S. If you're wondering what I looked like just picture Alven with glasses, but without the carpet rolling.


  1. I have a very vivid picture of what "that" must have looked like. hehehehe
    Well told "tail".

  2. oh you're so cute when you're wet! and you're not alone with eating worms - little lulu does that too! i have not yet tried one. i cannot wait til it rains now..

  3. Oh dears! You poor thing! Butts when a weinerdog wants a worm (or anything all smelly like that) NOTHING else seems to matter! BOL

    Stay dry,

    PeeS.....BOL at your neighbor too! Wasn't that nice of em to point out the obvious to you....

  4. hahaha at your neighbor! How stupid!

    Milly used to eat dried up dead worms from the pavement. How nasty.

    Shelby and Milly both have taken to eating the dirt in the yard which is totally gross as well.

    Shelby is also having bathroom issues. Took her to the vet last week and they well about as helpful as your neighbor. Oh well. She seems to be getting better slowly. Who knows.

    Have a great... and hopefully dry... weekend!

  5. let's count it as a new experience. Maybe not the best but a different experience. Alven do not want to try it again.

  6. Argh! Lulu is a worm eater and it drives me crazy! I am convinced that is what made her so sick a couple of weeks ago. So no more worm eating for her. Now I am the crazy lady prying worms out of my dog's mouth.

  7. Worms seriously? Can't you find something better to eat?
    I have to say, this story had me and mom LOL!