Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Name Game!

My full name is Flash Bernard Yeung Esq. III.

However, when we first met at the shelter the only name on the card was Flash. At first my mom and dad didn’t know if they wanted to keep that name for me since they didn’t think it matched my “cute old man face.” But they thought that at seven years old it wouldn’t be fair to make me learn a new name, and The Flash was one of their favorite super hero’s anyway, so they kept it. Little did they know that Flash wasn’t even my name, but I wasn’t telling because I think it is way cool. Besides this was a new beginning for me so I wanted a new name too. They found out though when we got home and I wouldn’t pay one bit of attention when they called me or seemed to recognize the name at all. I was still transitioning from my old name so I kept forgetting. But by that point they already thought of me as Flash and on top of that they saw that I actually was really fast. Some might say that I could run like the wind if I really wanted to. Since Flash did turn out to be a new name Mom figured she could tag on some other ones too. She said that a long and serious pup like me deserved a long and serious name to match. So I kept Flash because I am fast and I am super (super cute that is). Bernard because it is dignified but at the same time my Mom thinks it’s funny. Yeung is my dad’s last name so when he adopted me I got the last name too. Esq. (which stands for Esquire) because I am serious and dignified and deserving of such a title. And the III (the third) because I obviously come from a long line of nobility, but my Mom says it’s because she finds it hilarious (whatever!).

My official name is Dottie Joyi Yeung

When my mom found my picture on PetFinder I was listed as being called Dolly, but when she went to see me at the rescue group they told her that none of us pups were actually named anything. It seems that PetFinder assigned us all a name at random, but I was actually being called dachshund/corgi mix puppy. What kind of stupid name is that right? Jeez! Well my Mom and Dad picked me up and took a look at me and said that they would need to come up with a name to match me better. Thank goodness! At this point I should also probably tell you that my mom loves polka dots. She thinks they are just super. She always used to tell her friends that when she turned 80 yrs old she was changing her name to Dottie and only ever wearing polka dots because when you’re old you can do things like that and people just think you’re eccentric and not a danger to society. So anyway, back to my story. My mom and dad picked me up and looked deep into my eyes to try and figure out what name would suit me best. That’s when my mom noticed that I had a big white dot on my forehead and immediately she thought of the name Dottie. She knew that if she did that she wouldn’t be able to call herself Dottie when she turned 80, because it would be my name forever in her mind, but she already loved me even more than she loved polka dots so she didn’t mind letting me have the name. It was agreed and home I went with an adoption paper that said Dottie Yeung. Later on when my mom and dad saw that I was a crazy pup, or as I like to call it, “creative and energetic,” they added on the Joyi. Joyi is my aunt from my dad’s side and he says that she is crazy just like me so that is where I get that name. She doesn’t know that though. Teehee! In a funny twist as I started growing my mom thought that my dot would grow with me too, but it actually started getting smaller! It used cover a big part of my forehead, but now you can’t even see it sometimes. That’s why when people meet me for the first time they don’t know how I got the name and sometimes think it’s because I have spots on my tongue. My mom always has to point to my forehead and people start squinting at me to see it. But my mom also likes to tell them that dots are cute and so am I so I don’t even need to have one anyway.

My whole name is Alven Alven Seymour Yeung

When I was first rescued by my good friend Skip from the first family who had me I was actually called Angel. Skip thought that was not such a great name for me and I have to agree. While I do have the face of an angel I don’t think it really captures my true essence. So Skip took me home and thought about what he was going to name me. He wanted to stay in the A’s and after much deliberation decided on Alvin. After two weeks Skip decided that with five other dogs he couldn’t give me all the attention I deserved so he called my dad and asked him if he would be interested in an awesome dachshund pup. My dad knew that Mom loves dachshunds and wouldn’t be able to turn away such a cute one like me, even if they had just gotten a new puppy a month before. He agreed and when Mom saw me she couldn’t say no either. I joined the family! Mom thought that a second name change in less than a month might be a bit much for a pup getting used to so many relocations and Alvin was a good name anyway. My dad agreed, but decided we should spell it different, because I was special and deserved a little twist of my own. So I went from Alvin to Alven. And no, that is no mistake and you don’t have double vision. The Alven Alven is for real. I figure with something so awesome, such as myself, one is good and two is better. My mom agrees a double helping of me is never a bad thing so Alven Alven it is. The Seymour is because it sounds smart, which I totally am, and because my mom thinks it’s funny, which I totally am also. So there you have it folks, Alven Alven Seymour joined the Yeung family. I am also thinking of adding to my name "Emperor Of All I Survey," but Mom and I are currently in the negotiation process. I'll let you know how it turns out though I'm feeling very optimistic.


  1. Great names and cool stories to match!

  2. We love your names and now we know the stories to match! :) Great stories.
    ~Milly and Shelby

  3. You three have fabulous name. We enjoyed your naming stories.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. I knew that that long name had a story behind it. I really match your particular personality. I like the story the names and the dogs.

  5. Wonderful stories behind the names. Good luck getting "emporer of all I survey" added to your name Alven ;o)
    PS: I love you in that scarf...but I like it better when you become a Ninja doxie!

  6. I love you all!