Monday, June 28, 2010

Summer Treats

One of my favorite things is to give my pups fun treats that I think they will enjoy. The only down side is that it takes them about one second to gobble it down and then it's over. I decided that a good summer treat might be a fruit-sicle. I took a common red plastic cup, diced up some apple cubes and threw them in the cup. Then I added a little bit of water. Just enough to slightly cover the apples, but still leave chunks exposed. I then put the cups in the freezer and waited for the perfect opportunity. The chance presented itself this weekend when it was raining and we were stuck at home. While we waited for the rain to stop the pups started getting bored because they knew this was the time we usually go have fun outside. I busted out the treats and handed them out. Not only do they all love apples, but they also have to work to free them from the ice. It takes them each about five minutes or so to finish. So really it's a brain and tummy treat. I think they really enjoyed it.

The amount of apples I put in the cup corresponds to the amount each dog can have. Unfortunately for Flash since he's the smallest he has a smaller treat allowance. I can't have him losing his boyish figure. Also, since Flash suffers from food allergies I keep all their treats very simple. Just apple and water and even then he can't get too much apple. It's also important not to give them frozen treats if the dogs are hot, or after exercise or play. You don't want it to cause cramping which can lead to bad things. I also run the treats under hot water for a couple of seconds to start thawing them out so that the ice isn't as cold.

In the end they enjoyed their surprise and were able to wait out the rain with a bit more grace.


  1. Oh BOY... I gotta tell this to my mom. She makes my Flavor Ice with just bits of treats... I would love the apple and maybe even some carrots!!! YUMMMMMM. Thanks for sharing it with us. You guys enjoy!!!!

  2. This looks so good. Mom makes our frozen treats with a bit of duck jerky.
    Mom is going to try this.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. I love Alven with his nose squished right into his treat!!

  4. Yummy!! Can I have one please!


  5. Treat? Did someone say treat? I'm here! Oh, those treats aren't for me? I'd have a few choice words for you pups for not sharing but then I would get grounded for cussing....and then I wouldn't get my treats. And you guys know, a doxie will die without treats!
    Those look yummy....good job to your mom for finding such a healthy treat for you.

  6. That is a great idea and give the pups something different and that last more than 2 sec. It looks as everybody enjoyed it.