Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Spy

Alven and Dottie play I spy in the parking lot of Costco while we wait for Joe to come back out (we were in need of a giant sized bag of rice). The game went something like this:

"I spy a lady with human-sized bag of chips and five million rolls of toilet paper. She is my best friend! Oh, best friend! It's me! Dottie!!! Over here best friend!!

Dottie tries to get her attention by waving her paw and making her best crazy eyed look. When her friendship is not reciprocrated she whines at the tragic fickleness of one sided parking lot relationships.

"I spy a chubby guy with house-sized bag of flour, two crates of Dr. Pepper and seven trillion hamburger buns. Danger! Danger! Code red everyone! This is not a drill! Code RED!!!!

Alven begins his high alert barking at the mere glimpse of the man's handle bar mustache. Then feels smug when he startles the poor guy as he pushes his cart full of buns past our insane asylum on wheels.

Flash does not partake in the game since he's too busy directing his lazer vision at the entrance where Joe disappeared. He also resents my attempts at distraction and wonders why I couldn't have been the one to go.

As for me you ask? I spy three dogs who will not be invited back to the Costco parking lot for a long, long while.


  1. hahahaha!! I enjoyed this post! Too funny!!

  2. My mom says she has been past some cars like that. She LOVES them.

  3. Hey guys, I just thought of something. Somebuddy must want us to BARK when we are there. After all they do call them BARKING LOTS don't they?????

  4. Hahaha! I'm glad you enjoyed your round of I Spy!

  5. That was funny and def people getting out of Costco could look peculiar to an untrained eye.

  6. BOL! That sounds like a wonderful excursion to the Costco! (cept for Mom of course)