Monday, June 7, 2010

Adoption? Who's up for adoption?

This past Saturday Mom and Dad took us for our weekly visit to Petco for some socializing, treats and the chance for Dottie and Alven to pick out a new toy. I don't get to pick out a new toy because my dad says that the birds are not "for playing." Unfair! But anyway, we all loaded up into the car and headed out. I love going to the Petco because I like smelling their floors and looking under shelves and boxes for lost kibbles and maybe even finding a food bag with a hole in it! Dottie and Alven also love going for the same reasons and because Dottie is what my mom calls "a social butterfly." She loves going up to everyone and asking for attention and stuff. So immature. I prefer to be left alone to my treasure hunting, but to each their own. Well right when we got there my mom saw a sign that said Cat Adoption Today! She even mentioned to my dad that she hoped to get a peek at them as we were passing by and that it was too bad we couldn't stop to say hi because Alven and I have cat issues. Side note! I don't have cat issues. It is not an issue to want to chase them. Okay, we can move on now that we are clear on that.

Now, Dottie and Alven get so excited whenever we go to the store that we always stop and wait by the doors while they calm down before Mom and Dad let us go inside. While we were waiting this lady happened to be walking into the store and saw the three of us and my Mom and Dad standing there. Mom and Dad were chatting and saying how maybe we would get a new rope toy when the lady came up to Mom and asked her if we were up for adoption! My first thought was that I was offended. Did she think I looked like a cat or something! Rude. But then I got very excited because I thought it was an answer to my ad from so long ago and finally someone was interested in taking Dottie and Alven off my hands. My mom smiled at the lady and said that no, all three of us were actually hers and the lady gave us one last look before walking into the store. I could not believe my floppy ears. I turned to Mom and said, "It's been almost a year and you just let our one chance walk away! Now we're really going to be stuck with them forever!"

After a bit we walked into the store and headed past the cookie buffet (my fav!) and at the same time Alven and I made a lunge for a biscuit that had fallen on the floor. Mom was quick, but not quick enough! Alven and I each managed to snag a piece of biscuit and shoved it into our mouths. Victory never tasted so sweet! Mom looked down at us with a frown on her face and said that if this was how we were going to act, she would go find that lady and mention that she did in fact have two dachshunds looking to be adopted. Between bites of my newly acquired victory cookie I looked up at Mom and said, "Huh? Who's up for adoption? Surely not me! I'm the good one! Here let's share part of my cookie. You like them partly chewed and slobbery right?" Mom was not amused. I swallowed the rest of my cookie and so did Alven and we tried to be on our best behavior in case Mom saw that lady again. It's one thing to send Alven and Dottie packing, but what would I do in a new house without my very own sofa chair, or without my favorite gold velvet doggy bed??? It's best not to dwell on such things.

The rest of the trip was uneventful and we all made it back home without being adopted out. All in all a very successful trip to the store.

P.S. The cookie was DELICIOUS!


  1. Whewie.... I was kinda scared there. I was afraid that you were gonna end up as a
    THREEFUR... You know three for one money.
    I'm goin' to PetSmart tomorrow... I think I'll just leave any found treats right where they are.
    Soooo did you have to look at the stupid cats too????

  2. LoL We will have to keep that Lady's number on speed dial just in case you guys start to act up!


  3. Oh noes!!! That was a close call. Your mom makes a fantastic sign though!

  4. BOL!! Too funny!
    ~Texas,Bubbles & Pompei

  5. My moms thinks the sign is adorable, and she would snatch up that 'special three-for' in a heartbeat!
    But the nerve of the womans who thought you were part of CAT Adoption day...sheesh!


    PeeS.....We loves the treat buffet at the Petsmart too! heehee

  6. We wishes we had a Petsmart! Treat buffet sounds heavenly!
    The sign is pawsome - three-for specials are a grrrreat deal!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  7. Flash you have to bond with your sister and brother because it is not use; they are here to stay. At least you got a piece of the cookie.