Monday, April 5, 2010

Chick Magnets

So this past weekend Dad and Mom took us to Petco. It was great fun and we did a lot of smelling, and exploring, and we even did some barking at the bird section. The barking at the birds was the best part ever! The only thing Alven didn't like so much was the fish tank section. He said those weird lights in the tanks gave him the creepers. Anyway, Mom was in charge of Dottie so she took her on her own to look at some more durable Kong toys while Dad walked around with me and Alven. As we were walking around ladies kept coming up to Dad and telling him how cute we were and wanting to pet us and stuff. I even let one lady pat me on the head which Dad said was great progress for me. I was like, "whatever, she smells like cookies!" Later on I found out it was because we were standing near the biscuit section at the time, but she still seemed nice so I will forgive the false advertising.

Then when we met up with Mom and Dottie again Dad told her that me and Alven were turning out to be real chick magnets. I don't know what that means because we weren't even near the bird section and I would definitely have noticed if a bird came towards me. Then he said he might charge his friends who can't find girlfriends an hourly rate to take us for a walk around the neighborhood. Mom thought that was funny, but I think if anyone is going to profit from my adorableness it should be me and preferably in the form of treats. Soooo...if anyone wants to take me for a walk near the bird section at Petco I would be willing to comply for the right kind of snacks. My fav are the fruit treats. Please call my assistant for my schedule (aka Mom).


  1. Chick Magnet is the thingy my dad likes about walking me around too!! Those two leggers are sooooo funny, Right???

  2. There are birds at Petco?! Mom's been holding out on us! Sargent Big Paw (aka Rosie) will want to know about this.

    Thanks cousins! and go easy on the ladies :)

  3. You two are adorable. No wonder you draw the chicks.
    Love Ruby & Penny

  4. Those two will get me in trouble one day.


  5. Flash you look great shearing your favorite spot with Alven. You are a good friend.