Monday, February 1, 2010

Stuffed animal killers. Dottie and Alven Exposed!

Don't they look innocent and sweet? Gently resting on their favorite doggy bed and blanket. A touching scene of two friends sharing a quiet moment of repose. Unfortunately, it's all a lie!!!!

These two innocent faced pups hide a deep, dark secret! They are stuffed animal killers! We have compiled a series of photos that are so gruesome, so ferocious, that some of you may have to look away! Finally, we reveal the dark side of a very serious squeaky toy obsession.
Their names were Mr. Squirrel and Mr. Bunny. Their crime? Being fuzzy and squeaky. But that isn't where it ends. Their latest victim? A fellow dachshund!

Mr. Dachshund Nooddle is currently requesting admittance into the witness protection program. Our prayers are with him and the remainder of his stuffing.


  1. uh oh, looks like another case to be exposed by The Smoking Tail!


  2. Well now that you guys have been exposed, we will come clean too!! We're stuffed animal killers!!!
    Love Ruby & Penny

  3. You guys really need to try the stuffed piggy variety, wonderful texture and goes down smoo....this is not a confession! I don't have a problem!!

  4. I think we need to call in one of the CIS teams to review this case.