Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A shout out to Rosie

This post is dedicated to our cousin of the north, Rosie. Two weeks ago she went in for eye surgery on both her eyes. Cataracts and neglect had left her almost 100% blind in both her eyes. But the surgery changed all that. Today was her two week follow up to the operation and the doctor was very pleased with what she found and said that Rosie was healing perfectly. Her eyes looked like they were from a dog who was one month into recovery and not just a couple of weeks. She even said that Rosie was perfect (Duh! Have you seen that little old lady face? Perfection!).

Rosie, we can't wait to meet you and look into your clear puppy brown eyes and have you look back at us. We'll probably have to get our mom to brush our hair first though now that you can see. We wouldn't want to make a bad first impression.


  1. wow! did they do corneal implants I wonder?

  2. Hi Cousins from the south, Rosie would like to say that she appreciate all your thoughts and well wishes, she couldn't have gotten through these tough couple of weeks without you guys. Also she says where is my cupcake from the party?....I told her it got lost in the mail...lets stick to that :) They did two corneal implants on my new sis Rosie, and during surgery found an ulcer that the cataracts had hidden. Yesterday the vet said that the ulcer healed beautifully and the lens were being tolerated well. She will have to be on special drops the rest of her life, but she doesn't mind, she gets treats afterwards. What rosie doesn't realize is that the fun times are over, she has gotten away with murder up until now, and today mom resumed training with her...oh poor rosie, lets send her well wishes again!

  3. we are all glad for all the good that is coming Rosie's way.
    The training will be easy because she is a docile girl.
    Now she will know better her pack and participate in games and enjoy the walks.
    Good for Rosie!