Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Mom, all this cold weather is making my paws dry so I have decided that while I nap you can give me a paw-dicure. Please try and not to get my fur messed up though with the lotion. Thanks. Oh and you can wake me when my complimentary water and biscuit arrive. Also, I don't care for ocean sounds as the background music. Can you put on some lizard and squirrel tapes? That would be great. Kiss, kiss.


  1. hee - lotion! i've done that before! lovely paws!!


  2. You're telling me about dry paws, here in VA with all this snow, my paws are demanding some soaking. Mom got some pet safe salt for the house, but here they started putting some sort of sand salt mixture on the street to help with the huge amount of snow, so now I get a paw bath every time I come back inside...its kinda of annoying really though because I like to run around crazy when I get back home and sniff everything to make sure nothing was moved. Cant wait until this snow melts, its really cutting in on my squirrel chasing time.

  3. I recomend some socks or boots. It will take care of the problem.