Monday, February 8, 2010

Off to Lake Eola to do some exploring!

This weekend was super fun! Mom took us to a new place called Lake Eola Park. Flash has been there before but it was the first time for me and Alven. We've never been anywhere so big that had so many people and so many dogs, not to mention the birds! Here is our photo journal of the trip. (Note to readers: this is a long one!)

Hurry up Mom! We're ready to go on our trip!

When I first got to the park I was a little nervous. It was such a big place and there were so many people and smells. My tail gave me away even though I was trying to act tough. My mom let me have some time to get used to things before we started walking.

But after a couple of minutes these two fun girls came by and said hello. They were a lot of fun. I wish my Mom could have taken a picture of us getting to know each other but she said I was too wiggly and she couldn't hold the camera still.

After meeting other doxies I was feeling much better and ready for the adventure to begin! Here I am telling Mom to hurry up. Alven is already taking off with Grandma. He can't beat me!

Here we stopped by this big outdoor living room. There were chairs and this big weird thing up front. Is this where people watch animal planet outside? I love that channel.

I even went and got a closer look at their chair selection. Doesn't look too comfortable to me. Where are the cushions? On the way back to my mom I saw this weird hanging thing. My mom said it was a sign and she also said we'd just tell people I can't read, whatever that means.

There were also all kinds of birds there! Little ones and great big, big, big ones. At first I thought the big ones were a little scary, but my mom said it's actually the little ones you have to look out for. Just like my brother Flash I guess. Haha! That's a joke. Get it? It's about my brother Flash!

Speaking of Flash, here he is trying to get my dad to let him go over and see the birds. Too bad for him my dad knew he didn't want to go over there to make friends.

Even I tried using my super stealth ninja moves to get close enough to the birdie, but it didn't work. I don't know how they even saw me coming. I mean just look at my killer moves!

At this point I think Flash was seriously thinking of just jumping in and he hates water!

After failed bird attempts Alven decides it's time to change things up and hit the vendor booths. Perchance we can snag a free floor cookie!

Mom gets a lemonade and everyone takes a moment to rest.

I remain vigilant in case a) I see a new doggy friend OR b) I see a slow, dim-witted, lame bird friend that wonders in my general direction

Then it's time to make our way back to the car. Alven has to stop and say hi to everyone he meets. He pretty much spent the whole day giving out kisses to humans and dogs alike.

Mom tries to get one more group picture next to this big doggy gate. Flash has other ideas. He would not take his eyes off the water or any possible swans in there.

But finally it's time to go home and we make our way back to the car.

Mom, that was so much fun! Can we come back next weekend? Huh, mom? Huh? Can we? Are you listening up there?


  1. what a pretty place. u lucky dogs, u!!!


  2. that looks like a great park. Next time I go, you will have to take me. I have some northerner moves that might prove successful with those big birds. They don't call me crazy left eye maria for nothing you know.

  3. It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place. It looks as it was a little cold, but spring is coming soon and going back is a most.
    Great place, great experience for everybody. I'm glad!. Thank you all for the pictures.

  4. I see a lot of good looking people and doggies