Wednesday, January 27, 2010

We're back!

Hello! We are back from the world of blogging silence!

Mom says her computer took a jump off a very steep cliff. We don't know what that means since it's still under her desk, but it doesn't get turned on anymore for some reason. Maybe it got tired from all the posting we used to do. Whatever the reason Mom has taken over Dad's computer and told him that if he ever wants to get it back, as resident I.T. support (Alven resigned his position to pursue other opportunities in the kitchen) he better bring hers back to working order. We all agree that sounds like a challenge! Good luck to Dad. In the meantime we are back to posting which is a very good thing since we have lots to share.

So much has happened in the last couple of weeks. Grandma Olga, Aunt Natalia, Uncle Manny and cousin Maria came to visit us! It was a full house around here and the number of dogs came very close to beating out the number of humans. Awesome! They drove down from Virginia and stayed a whole week. We got to meet our cousin Maria for the first time and she was just great. We all agree that she is super and we are making her an honorary dachshund. In reality she is some kind of collie/cocker spaniel mix but we aren't prejudice; we accept all dogs as long as they they acknowledge that dachshunds are the best.

Here is a picture Grandma Olga took of all us pups and our parents:

As you can tell we are one good looking bunch (the pups we mean. The

Here is another picture of all of us waiting for our dinner. Cuteness alert! Mom thinks that Maria is very cute, but also has some serious elbows. We think it just adds to her charm.

We have lots more pictures to share with everyone but it's getting late and Dad wants to use the computer (so rude!) so they will have to wait for another post. Well it's good to be back and we sure did miss everyone.


  1. so good to see you're back in the game! do share more pictures soon!!!!


  2. Hi cousins, from the not so sunny anymore sunshine state! I was very happy to meet all of you, and had a great time wrestling with Dottie, although for some reason mom kept telling me to calm down...what?! So I wanted to squish Dottie and Alven...What?! Anyway, had a great time despite the fact that I was promised warm weather and all we got was cold and rain...keep that in mind for next time I come. Can't wait to see you southern cousins up here in the VA! Thanks for sharing your home, treats, and humans! Aunt Sandra gives the best belly rubs! Talk to you soon!