Thursday, January 28, 2010

100 Posts!

I just realized that yesterday's post was our official 100th post. That is a lot of doxie goodness! In honor of this most momentous occasion I have decided to post the most adorable/hilarious pictures of our family reunion.

Many people might not be aware of the fact that all three of our dogs have birthday's in February. Well, technically we don't know Flash's exact birthday month since we got him from the Orlando SPCA and he had just arrived there that day from Alabama and didn't have a detailed history. But, we did adopt him in the beginning of February so we made that his birthday month since it's his adoption month anyway. When we adopted Dottie and took her to the vet the doctor was pretty certain that she was four months old making her a February pup. I thought that was a good sign we belonged together since she would have a matching birthday month with Flash. Then came Alven. Alven is a pure breed pup with papers so when we adopted him after his original family who purchased him turned out to be a bunch of LOSERS (yes I still hold a grudge against them on behalf of Alven) the man who first rescued Alven was able to tell us his exact age. Sure enough another February puppy. At first we weren't sure if we could handle a third dog, but when they told me his age I knew that he had to join the February dog pack.

I had decided when we got Dottie and Alven that we would have a joint birthday party for all three dogs on February 1st in order to make things simpler. However, when my sister and mom decided to come visit me in January they wanted to have a little pre-birthday bash so that they could be included in the festivities. As I am always up for a doggy party I thought it was a great idea. The day after they arrived birthday cupcakes were obtained from the dog bakery and quick party hats were put together by yours truly (please be kind and not comment on the blue tape on the back of the hats. I put them together in a rush and didn't have time to let glue dry.)

Here are the pictures from our doggy birthday party:

This is my birthday boy Flash who is turning nine. And yes I am wearing my Flash T-shirt my mom made me last year. Represent!

Here is Alven who will be turning two. Officially entering those teen years...yay. Also, he is impossible to hold still when there is any type of food nearby so all his pictures were blurry, but I still think his ears look hilarious with the hat on.

This is my baby girl Dottie who is turning one. Oh how quickly they grow up...
I know the first picture is super blurry, but it so perfectly captures how Dottie felt about my hat and photo shoot idea that I just have to put it up.

And last, but certainly never least, is Maria! Our one and only pup party guest who came all the way from VA for the festivities and also got a party hat (hers came out looking more like a bonnet, but whatever).

Good times were certainly had by all! The cupcakes were delicious I'm sure since they were gone in less that 0.000001 seconds.

Well it's getting late now so I will be shuffling off to bed, but I wanted to say thanks to everyone who follows our little corner of the internet. It is fun sharing our doxie stories and getting to know others out there who are just as in love with their pups as we are with ours. Woohoo!


  1. Flash, Dottie, Alven, and Maria:
    We here in Hawaii are so happy that all of you are back online. We have missed you so much. While our own two long-haired doxies bring us love and happiness, it's still refreshing to hear your stories and see your photos. Keep 'em coming!

  2. birthday parties are the best! love the hats!!! alven looks like he actually doesn't mind.

    congrats on your 100th. believe me, I can appreciate how much work that is!


  3. I am opposed to the picture of me looking like a disheveled "little red riding hood". what is up with that?! But I did have a good time, my best memory of the party was def. the cupcakes, and flash trying to eat his in one whole bit. He could have done it too, if not stopped by his dad for fear of him choking. He's a doxy, he knows how to handle his prey! Anyway, its technique I employ all the time with much success. I am just sorry Rosie missed out in the fun, but next year she gets two cupcakes right? to make up for it? right? that she HAS to share with her younger sister? right?! Oh, and I just realized, we are aged: 1(Dottie), 2(Alven),3(Yours truly), 4(Rosie), and then Flash ruins the number order by being 9, but we forgive him for that. Now we just need to fill in the gap between 4 and 9, something to work on!

  4. It was really fun. The only part the puppies liked was the moment when they could eat the cupcakes. Before that they were just putting up the ideas of hats, pictures. We laughed!!!.

  5. This was a fun night full of lots of crazy cup cake eating! Win!