Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mom's back from her trip!

You might have noticed we haven't been posting lately. Well the reason is because Mom decided to abandon us while she went to visit aunt Natalia in Virginia. Aunt Natalia just moved into a new house and we hear that cousin Maria, and our soon to be cousin Rosie, have their very own doggy living room too. Jealous! What Mom wasn't counting on was all the snow. Having not seen snow in the two years since she moved to Florida Mom had forgotten just how cold winter could be. We don't really like the cold either, but all that white stuff sure does look like fun.

Here are pictures of our cousin Maria. She is a Cocker Spaniel mix, but 100% adorable. You might have seen some of her comments on past posts. She's very smart and hilarious!

This is our soon to be cousin Rosie. Rosie is being fostered right now by our aunt, but as soon as she gets eye surgery (she's almost totally blind from cataracts right now, but there is hope with the surgery she will see again) the rescue group said she can be officially adopted. Yay!

They sure do look like they're having fun.

Rosie and Maria are great friends. Maria doesn't care that Rosie has eye problems and Rosie doesn't care that Maria is a nut.

Usually Rosie likes to play with Maria, but on this particular day she did not appreciate having to go out for a potty break while it was snowing. Can you blame her?

A family portrait. Very cute.

Here we think Maria is leaning over and asking Rosie if she feels up for a snowball fight now.

Mom says the answer was no. Later when it stopped snowing and they went back outside there was a lot of playing.

Well we're glad to have Mom back and picture updates of our cousins from the north. We only hope that next time we get to go along too. We would demand first class seats though.


  1. Hi Cousins! Yeah, snow is so much fun! I thought it was the best thing ever, but mom said I couldn't eat all of it. It was right there falling on the ground, and in this house, anything left unattended on the ground,for more then 0.02 seconds, is public property! Its in the the bylaws mom! but whatever I snuck in some mouth fulls when she wasn't looking, and it was a lot of fun to try and catch it in my mouth...get into my mouth snowflakes! My sister Rosie was not having fun at all...she is usually up for a romp but this time she kept wanting to go inside, she can be so wierd sometimes. It was awesome meeting aunt Sandra, although it couldn't get her to sneak me treats. What do you guys do to get treats out of her? I had a lot of fun cuddling with her and grandma after playing and aunt Sandra kept taking pictures of me, which I love! Next time you have to come and I can show you my favorite sniffy spots in the new yard!

  2. Very nice family indeed!