Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cold Weather = Sweaters = Ridicule

Lately it has been getting colder and wetter here. This means that my mom is now forcing us to wear our sweaters more often. This also means that Dottie is forever making fun of me. She says I look like a stuffed furry carrot.

Hey, I thought this was supposed to be the sunshine state! Where is all the sun? I should not have to put up with this kind of weather which leads to mockery and jesting at my expense. Sure I like a humorous witticism as much as the next dog, but not when it's directed at me!

As such I would like to place a ban on cold weather, rain, sweaters and making fun of dogs named Alven.

This law will be strictly enforced and non-compliance will lead to severe consequences. I don't know what those consequences are as of yet, but they will be severe. Be afraid. You hear that Dottie?!?! Be afraid.


  1. Old navy!!!Looking good!


  2. hi cousin alven, we were jackets here in VA, because it gets very cold, but most dogs do here. Maybe Dottie, being in warm weather her whole life is just not used to "the look". But if she were to visit VA and not wear a jacket, she would be laughed at by the other dogs here, for exposing herself to hypothermia. So hang in there cousin! There is nothing wrong with expressing a sense of style!

  3. Be thankful you are not in Virginia because I'm pretty sure you will be wearing gloves and hat. Something else to see.