Tuesday, November 24, 2009

One more picture

Just wanted to share one more picture of our driving adventure this weekend.

I knew you'd want to see how sexy I look with some nice lighting.

Don't I look good? Indeed I do.

In this picture I was forced to sit in the middle because Dottie
decided she had to even things out and do some sight seeing out of the opposite window. Alven then decided that he wanted to sit by the other window and press his nose up against the glass. I told him Mom would not appreciate the wet booger smudges he was leaving all over the window.

As you can see I am lying down like a gentleman. I like to keep things classy.


  1. Hi Cousin Flash, Yes it is ver classy of you to sit back and let the rifraff make fools of themselves. I like to lie down too! but I hate riding with my leash on, I whine and tangle myself in it, until my mom take it off! What?! I like to be comfortable.

  2. we always count on you behaving above everybody else. You look good in that picture!