Monday, November 23, 2009

Car Ride! Our Fav

This weekend we all got to go on a car ride. It is one of our most favorite things to do. Whenever we think that there might be a road trip in the works we are super excited to go along. We used to go on trips to the doggy park a lot, but since it started getting dark so much sooner we haven't been able to go, so this was a great treat.

Dottie loves to look out the window as the world flies by.

She always has to be sitting up and looking out to be sure she doesn't miss out on anything important.

But her favorite thing is when Mom opens the window and the wind comes rushing up at her:

Alven and Flash take a much more relaxed approach to riding in the car. They are content to just sit back and enjoy the ride. Flash actually acts as if we're finally catching on to how he should be treated on a daily basis. With complimentary, door-to-door car service.

This look Flash is giving Mom actually translates to:

" attendant? When will you be passing by with the snack tray? I could go for something chewy. Oh, and I don't care for this particular song. I'd prefer to hear the oldies but goodies station. Also, along with the snack I'd like a bowl of refreshing water. Thanks."

Alven is saying:

"Hmm...I smell some nice trees out there. Can we pull over so I can go pee on them?!?!?!"


  1. Hi guys! I love car rides too! I am of the mind that I will lay down, get treats hand fed to me and take a nap. Let me know when we get there, and it better be a good place too! with lots of trees and sniffy places. that is awesome that your mom and dad take you guys out for car rides.

  2. Dottie you are the youngest with a lot a world to see. No time to waste, life goes by so fast!