Monday, October 5, 2009

Weekend With Grandma!

As you know, Grandma came to visit us this weekend. She was so much fun. She brought gifts and good times. We give her two paws up and are glad she's part of our extended pack.

Here are some highlights of her visit:

Grandma and Alven met for the first time and immediately became best friends. She thought he was adorable and he thought she was a great tummy rubber. A match made in heaven.

They spent a lot of time together sharing stories and kisses, though Alven also wished she would have shared some of her dinner.

She also had a gift for Flash. She made him a new cover for his doggy bed which Dottie had ripped.

The new cover was made of gold velvet.

Flash felt he was finally being treated with the respect he deserved. Everyone else rolled their eyes and wondered how fast it was going to go to his head.

Alven was always getting on the bed for some cuddle time and pretty soon we all agreed that Grandma's room was the place to be.

It was a great place to play while Mom and Grandma chatted.

It was also perfect for an afternoon siesta. Dottie preferred to lie down on the carpet by the window, while Alven enjoyed being on the bed close to Grandma.

Pack Tip Of The Day:
We miss you Grandma. Come back soon!


  1. So Jealous! Im glad you guys had fun...without me! Can't wait to meet all of you, hopefully we will be seeing you guys our new house!

    -Cousin Maria

  2. It was a great time!!. I love you all. It was what i call a vacation; time to bond and meet the the new member of the family, the sweet Alven.
    Dottie, you are growing fast and becoming a beautiful and intelligent girl.
    Flash you are my first baby and I love you too.
    I can not wait when we get all together and you can meet your cousin Maria. she is a lot of fun.

  3. What a great way to spend the weekend, being spoiled by Grandma.
    Love Ruby & Penny