Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Just look into my eyes...

A key ingredient in my recipe for adorableness are my milk chocolate, puppy dog eyes. When aimed up at someone and combined with a liberal sprinkling of waggly tail and a dash of twitchy nose it creates a lethal dose of cuteness that no one can resist. I'm not ashamed to whip up a generous helping of adorable whenever I think a treat might be at hand. Listen, in these hard economic times treats don't just grow on trees. We must all learn to reuse, reclaim, recycle. And, let me tell you, cuteness is a dish no one gets tired off.

Flash's Tip Of The Day:
Let's have a dinner party. I'll bring the cuteness and you bring the treats!


  1. If Cuteness is dish you are severing I want seconds. Use the eye don't tell them about your stinky breath!!


  2. As humans we have yet to develop an effective antidote to the cuteness puppy dog eye factor...and we think we are the more advanced species!

    Aunt Nati

  3. You are adorable Flash.
    Can we come to your party? We'll bring some cuteness and some treats.
    Love Ruby & Penny