Monday, September 14, 2009

Sleeping - It's what we do best

One thing that all three of us are very passionate about is naps. With our busy schedules stress is a big worry. Between waking up, going for our morning walk, eating breakfast, giving puppy dog eyes to see if we can get more kibbles, playing with our toys and finding the right blankets for burrowing, it can be very easy to get stressed which is bad for you. Also, with all these things crammed into our morning schedules we need a respite in order to be ready for our afternoon walk and then our trip to the doggy park. We don't want to be tired when we get to the park and waste the opportunity to play with our friends. Therefore, all three of us try and find some time throughout the day to take one, or two, or maybe six naps. We all have our favorite spots and sleeping styles. For some of us the ideal spot is on the carpet, but for others only the armchair with the Mexican blanket will do. At least we all agree that the office is the best location.

Pack Tip Of The Day:
Even if you're busy it's important to take lots and lots of naps. Remember, your health comes first.

P.S. Please excuse our mom. She has recently become obsessed with photo collages.


  1. Remember you all still pappies, including Flash, and that is what pappies do.
    Maybe that is the secret for eternal youth. Ask Flash.
    You all look very fresh, relax and care for.

  2. All I want say is SEXY!!!!!!!!!