Sunday, September 13, 2009

Office Water Cooler - Doggy Park Style

I love going to the doggy park because it's a great place to socialize, meet new pups and talk about the latest doggy scandals. After a lot of running around, smelling and leaf chewing the best place to catch up with friends is around the water fountain. There we can all get a refreshing beverage while we cool off and at the same time share stories and mingle.

For example, we have not seen Scott, the golden retriever puppy, in a few days. The rumor around the water fountain is that he is either away on vacation or he was sent off to a training school after dragging his owner through half the parking lot by his leash. I catch them up on Alven's recovery and his much anticipated return to the doggy park. Everyone sent him get well wishes which I know he will appreciate. Luna, the black and tan Pekingese mix, showed off her new spiffy red harness. We all thought it was a good color for her. We also got to know a new arrival a little better. Peluche is a poodle mix and very friendly. She and I really hit it off and did a lot of playing together. I hope she keeps coming back.

Yep, anyone who's anyone can be seen at the water fountain. That's why I make sure to make frequent stops to get a water refill. Next time you're in the neighborhood stop by the park and we'll share a drink!


  1. none as beautiful as you.

  2. I like that water fountain, I wish they had one of those for at the dog park we take Maria too.

    Aunt Nati