Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A bromance in the works perchance?

Good morning readers. Today we look into the possible relationship growing between Flash and, new arrival, Alven. When Alven first entered the scene there was tension, followed by indifference on the side of Flash. Later a grudging acceptance was given and Alven seemed to be infiltrating Flash's defenses with his own brand of debonair droolyness. However, this picture was captured earlier this week at the doggy park. Sources are now telling us that there is a chance these two are now actually talking friendship. To get a better look into the intricate dynamics of this relationship we go to our star reporter Dottie Yeung who is on location hoping to interview each of the parties involved.

Dottie: Alven, thank you for joining me here near the water bowl. We know you're very busy and we appreciate you taking some time to talk to us.

Alven: Oh, hi! It's okay. I'm not that busy. I mean, I thought I might take a nap near the window later, but I'm not in a rush or anything.

Dottie: Excellent. Alven, how would you describe your relationship with Flash? Rumors are saying that the two of you are getting pretty close. Any comments?

Alven: Oh Flash is great fun! I mean...he doesn't do anything that's actually fun...he likes to nap. Naps are fun though. I myself am going to take one by the window later.

Dottie: said that already. So, does this mean that the two of you are spending more time together?

Alven: Hmmm...yeah I guess so. Yes, you can say that. Well...we don't actually do that many things together. But, you know, when we do happen to do things together we're usually there together doing them so that counts. Right?

Dottie: Um...okay. So you would say you're close?

Alven: Yes, I have stood next to him many times. Just yesterday we were standing together waiting to go outside. We couldn't have been any closer. You know, unless I stood on him or something. Then I guess we could have been closer; but, we were pretty close anyway.

Dottie: No...I mean close emotionally. Are you best friends?

Alven: Oh! Well sure we're best friends! I mean I just told you about the whole door thing yesterday. You couldn't find a better best friend then Flash. He is the bestest best friend ever. That dog loves me so much it's almost embarrassing is what it is. We might even start wearing friendship collars any day now.

(Later on by the couch it takes some coaxing to get Flash to come out from some bedding where he is currently burrowing. Sources say he is training for some kind of all time burrowing record. When asked about his relationship with Alven he had only the following to say)

Flash: I don't hate him.


  1. I am gald to see there was no cats or small animals running around during the interview process or dottie would have gotten no answers! Love you guys dad!

  2. Thank you Dottie for your inside in these two males heads. You are a pro because it is very difficult to get them to talk about feelings. It is easier if they are talking about food or territory.
    Very good picture.

  3. Well I think Flash has accepted him, because that is his sentiment towards most creatures in life. Just be happy he graces you with his presence at all!

    Aunt Nati