Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bad Hair Days Just Happen. Good Hair Days Are Made.

This is Alven's post play time, Dottie just left me all slobbery and scraggly looking after some wrestling, I have "a good personality," type look.

This is Alven's "Ooo-la-la" look after his spa time which he gets every night before he goes to bed.

(Please excuse the blurriness in the pictures. It's very hard to take a picture of Alven when he sees you. If you're near by he needs to be right next to you giving out kisses so these are actually the only ones I could manage to take while he stood still for one nano second)

Alven's Tip Of the Day:
Mom and I understand each other because she says we both have "frizz issues." If you have problem hair like me go get a brush, some leave in conditioner and a mom who will help maintain your fur silky and smooth.


  1. You ask your mom to maybe put in some rolls so you look good in the morning?


  2. I have the exact same brush! At least you can see an improvement, with Maria its like you never did anything.

  3. play time with Dottie sounds like a lot of fun. Your are very cute.