Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Lake Eola Park

These last few weekends my dad and mom have been taking me to a great new place. They call it Lake Eola Park, but I call it paradise. I have a great time there because there is so much to see and smell. There are also great big birds and little gray birds, and black noisy birds, and white fluffy birds and just birds, birds, birds! A dog's dream come true. Here are some pictures of our last trip.

These are pictures of the park and all the birds I saw:

Here is a picture of me and my dad posing in front of what they call a "scenic spot" but I was more interested in other things...

We also take a lunch and after all our walking stop and have a little picnic. Yum!

Then after our lunch a lo fresco we lie back and do some relaxing. I like the way the wind plays with my ears as we rest under the big trees.

It is a really great place and I have a lot of fun. Next time you're in the neighborhood stop by and we'll go together!

Flash's Tip of the day:
A great way to bond with your canine companion is take him to a place where he can do a lot of bird hunting. He will appreciate it and maybe even bring home some dinner. Tasty!


  1. that place looks awesome. You would be dog to have when one of those crazy swans comes after me.

  2. What a beautiful place and great pictures too.
    It is great that you have the chance to go to see nature and relax. You are loved