Sunday, April 8, 2012

This is my spot and you just better get to moving!

This weekend we took the pups on a car ride which is one of their favorite things to do. And, like a lot of siblings they have their own set of rules and guidelines that they stick to when it comes to who sits where in the back seat. Alven, for example, always needs to sit in the middle. This position allows him to try and sneak up to the front whenever possible as well as do some necessary (in his mind) back seat driving. Dottie always sits by a window so she can look outside and take in all the smells. Usually she sits at the window behind the passenger seat, but during this outing she decided she wanted to change things up a bit and sat at the opposite window. Well, that was a big problem for our Mr. Flash who likes to sit behind his dad. It also didn't help matters that I had let Dottie into the car first so she was already sitting in his spot when he got there. How did he handle this situation you ask? With some of his good old fashioned passive/aggressive tendencies.

This is my spot and I'm sitting here no matter what! I don't care that you got here first. And! I'm perfectly comfortable, thank you very much.

Unfortunately, for Flash his technique did not have the desired effect. It might just be me, but I don't think Dottie seems too bothered to have her brother wedged in under her. I'm not even sure she noticed...

Thankfully for Mr. Flash I happened to take out a piece of gum and Dottie scrambled over to the other side of the car to get a sniff. Not that I told Flash that it was the gum that got the job done. I didn't want to ruin his little moment of victory.

And just in case anyone was wondering, yes, that luscious and newly groomed rear end, that you see in all the pictures, does indeed belong to Alven.


  1. Flash, it doesn't matter that mom had to cheat on your behalf for you to win. You won the battle of the backseat!

  2. LOL Dottie is too busy taking in the scents lol! I love the look of oblivion on her face!

    Texas The Doxie

  3. The passive aggressive attitude has put Mr. Flash in very uncomfortable situation but he always gets his way not matter at what cost or if anybody else noticed his battles... For our benefit, the camera does. Good for you Mr. Flash, this is another victory against the oppressive world