Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A terrarium named Larry

Mom was super excited yesterday because she got something in the mail. We all thought that with that level of excitement it must be some dog treats, or a new chew toy at the very least. How mistaken we were. It turns out it was just a jar full of dirt and some green stuff. And! She said it wasn't even for eating!!

Obviously her judgement has been impaired. But we didn't start actually getting concerned until she named it...Larry...and then stated taking pictures of it. She's a strange one for sure. Mom is very proud of herself because she has managed to keep her five plants alive for more than a week (we don't remind her that three of them are cacti) so we guess she has now graduated to green stuff in a covered jar.

I think you can see from the above picture that we are not that amused. Dottie looks seriously depressed that she can't eat it, Alven got bored and just fell asleep, and I don't trust dirt in a jar that I'm not allowed to dig in.


  1. Its very cute! We can see why she was excited :)

  2. OMD OMD... your are SOOOOO Right.. this is a most Disturbing Development fur sure!!!

  3. I wouldn't be so sure they don't figure out how to eat and/or dig out poor Larry. I feel a conspiracy brewing.

    Aunt Nati