Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back home

Mom came back from her trip to that Cleveland place (wherever that is) and is back home with us. When she arrived from the airport she had to go through a very thorough screening process for security reasons. We don't like to discuss what exactly those reasons are, due to certain policies, but we can say that it involves searching for possible hidden snacks. Enough said.

Here we are giving Mom's pj's (yes, they're polka dot. Yes, it's embarrassing) a good sniffing in order to determine where she's been, who else was there, if she ate a cookie while wearing them, and finally, if she left a little bit of said cookie in her pocket. Sadly, we could not find any trace of a cookie, or even a biscuit, but we still had fun rooting around in her bag. So not a total loss.

Mom said she was glad to be home and that it had been weird to sleep in a room with no pups. We agreed that is must have been very hard for her. We're also glad she's back since she keeps us entertained.

Now that the pack is together again we have many exciting plans. For example, we are starting agility classes this weekend. Awesome!


  1. I know where Cleveland is... It is NORTH of my house... butt waaaaay too far to walk. I thought your mom would wave at me when she flew over my house.. butt I guess I missed seeing that.

    OH it must be wonderful to have her home.
    can't wait to hear about your agilities thingys.

  2. Welcome home, to your Mama!! It is soo nice when they return....we can give them the "guilty looks" for being gone so long!!
    Can't wait to hear about your agility classes!

    (((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  3. Welcome back!! and agility classes! thats exciting! Make sure to tell your mum to take lots of pictures mkay? I wanna see dachshunds doing agility cause we are just that amazing!

  4. We are very happy to have you back Aunt Sandra. Flash on the other hand was getting used to not having to share dad's attention with anyone. I would look out for that one.

    Cousin Maria

  5. whooo agility! i cannot wait 2 hear about it!! :)