Thursday, January 20, 2011

From fun in the sun to frozen in a blizzard

During our trip to New York City we enjoyed some very bipolar weather conditions. The first few days were great and pretty warm considering it is winter. I really enjoyed taking the pups for walks in my neighborhood park, because when I was younger it had always been my dream to have my own puppy that I could take for walks there. Now I'm older and had to drive eight hours from VA, but I got to take my doggies for a walk in my old neighborhood. Here we are enjoying the day:

Here I am embarrassing Dottie once again:

However, this all changed the last two days of our trip. We were in the city during one of the worst blizzards of all time. We had 18 inches of snow fall in one day with 40 mile/hour winds. It was crazy and we all felt like human ice cubes. The last time I remember being in a blizzard like that was when I was in Junior High, so definitely a while back. I was worried about Dottie, Rosie and Maria (Alven and Flash had come home earlier in the week with Joe and Manny) because none of them is that tall. When it came time to take them out to the bathroom we didn't know if they would be able to do their business in the snow because in some areas all you could see was the tip of their heads. Rosie and Maria are definitely anti snow when it comes to going to the bathroom and we had to pick them up and lug them to a patch that we had cleared out.

I wasn't sure if Dottie would be ok with the snow so I picked her up and lugged her over too. Let me tell you something, I do not have good upper body strength AT ALL. She might only weigh 27 pounds, but after four steps in all that snow it felt like I was carrying a hippo. There was more than one occasion where I found myself falling face first into a snow mountain and then couldn't get back up! And, to top it all off, I shouldn't have even bothered. Dottie LOVED the snow. She got to the cleared patch smelled around a bit and then proceeded to the snow mountain where all I could see was her head and went to the bathroom. Then she didn't want to come inside because she was having so much fun burying herself in the snow. I had to drag her back into the building before she turned into an ice sculpture. Here are some pics of the snow princess:

You can see her body in this picture, but as you can tell from the top of her jacket, that wasn't always the case

Here Aunt Nati is working hard to excavate the car for our trip back home the next day:

We cheer her on from the inside...with the heat on

Even with all the snow and the risk of frost bite we all had a great time. It was so much fun to see our families and share it all with our dogs. We are looking forward to our next trip up north, but probably not until Spring.


  1. Snow is fun... as long as it only lasts a day or two. Those were grrrrreat pictures of it.

  2. UGH! Potty breaks in a blizzard, from an apartment, are NOT fun, the opposite of fun like going to the dentist or something. Maria and Dottie had a blast and I think were feeling that we were holding them back from truley experiencing their first NY snow storm. Rosie was like: why are you dragging me out into THAT! At least they got good excerise jumping through snow drifts and into snow mounds, I know we were exhausted just from keeping them out of them!

    Loved our white christmas in NY though :)

    Aunt Nati

  3. My two dachshunds and a cocker spaniel are almost as fed up with the snow as I am. Is it Spring yet?!?!

    It does look you all had a fun time despite the icky weather!!

  4. So cold! Dottie the Snow doggie!