Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Parents can be so embarrassing!

Now I would like to start off by saying that I love my mom. She takes me for walks, plays with me, gives me food (not as much as I want though) and is all around a good time. However, she can also be pretty embarrassing sometimes. Like when she makes kissey faces at me in public, or calls me her Wee Dot at the park in front of all my friends. Totally uncool. Well, the other day it got worse. Worse than I could ever possibly imagine.

Since it's been starting to get cold outside she makes me wear my sweater when we go out for our morning training sessions. She also puts on her sweater because she doesn't have fur like me. I'm not a big sweater fan, but I try not to complain because at least there's a walk involved to make up for it. Well don't you know that Mom found her old Minnie Mouse sweater the other day that she got on a trip to Orlando before she had moved there to live and then she decided to put it on. When she saw the two of us in matching sweaters she started laughing and then ran back into the house. At first I was hoping she also realized how uncool it would be to go out in public like that and maybe she had gone to change. No such luck. She actually came out looking even worse!!! She had put on her brand new "teddy bear" hat she and my aunt bought at the store because they thought it was hilarious. Now we went from being all matchy matchy to looking like a pair of raving lunatics. "Oh gosh Mom! Promise me we won't leave the privacy of our yard looking like this!!!" It was not looking good when she put on my leash (which is also pink!) and then I knew I was done for when she asked my dad to take a picture! "You actually want to have photographic evidence of this humiliation?!?!?!"

I'm afraid she did and here is the picture to prove it. Can you see I'm not looking at all pleased? In this picture I'm thinking, "She better give me all the treats in that pouch to make up for this..." The things I have to put up with sometimes with such a kooky mom.


  1. Oh Good Grief.. what is this world coming to???
    The next time she gets all crazy like this... ask for a bag to put over your head before you take her out for her walkie. Two Leggers... what a mess they are.

  2. We think you and your mom look adorable.
    Love Ruby & Penny
    Pees - mom makes us where matching coats.

  3. Pfft!! Humans - can't live with them - can't run the can opener without them!

    (but we gotta admit, you both look mighty cute-but we will deny saying that!!)

    ((hugs)) your friends
    Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

  4. It could be worse. She did not get you a hat or a pair of booties....yet.