Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Unexpected Finds

One of our first trips when we came to Virginia was a road trip with Aunt Natalia, Grandma Olga and Mom. It was a special trip because only the "big kids" got to go. Mom and Aunt Naty call Alven, Maria and me the big kids, because even though we are younger than Rosie, Flash and Diva we are bigger than them and also way cuter if I do say so myself. So off we went on our adventure ready for whatever came our way. About an hour into our road trip Alven started whining that he had to go to the bathroom. Aunt Naty, being the accommodating soul that she is, immediately pulled over in a nice little town. There was a big field there that was perfect for Alven's bathroom needs and we all got to stretch our legs. While we were walking around the field Mom and Aunt Naty noticed this great big antique store right across the street. It was this huge house full of stuff, but there were also several little out buildings around the property full of more things. It was an unexpected surprise and definitely worth exploring so off we went across the street and tried to see if we could find any good smells and Mom wanted to see if she could find any good deals.

Hey Grandma, I like that sign! I think we should get it and put it right above my bed since I too come from a long line of royalty.

Hey Mom look at all these cool things Maria and I found! Come tell Aunt Naty that we ARE allowed to chew on it.

Ooooh! Look at these giant water bowls. I could really use one of these back home.

Grandma, stop pulling me away! I need this green bench. Green is my signature color for goodness sakes!!!

We all had a great time as you can see, even if we weren't allowed into the actual building. So I guess the fact that Alven can't hold it turned out to be a good thing because we got to explore new places we would never have known about otherwise. And, this wasn't even the only new place we got to explore that day. Tomorrow I'll show you another of our road trip stops at an orchard.


  1. How fun! And I bet there were TONS of good things to sniff around there! Read any good pee-mail??


  2. Thanks for stopping by my little 'ld blog! Mum told me to tell you that Alven reminds her of me! Glad your trip was fun! Can't wait to see more picture of your adventures~

  3. I had so much fun hanging out with you guys. I never knew cousins could be so exciting. Next time though we NEED to lose the parental units, there were totally holding us back.

    Cousin Maria