Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What kind of dog is that?

This is a familiar question when we take Dottie out on the town. Understandably, people are curious when they encounter what they think is a very strange looking lab puppy. I have my little intro speech down to a science whenever someone stops us to inquire (which happens a lot). What takes me by surprise though are the occasions when someone stops to ask me about Alven.

This past weekend we took Mr. Flash and Alven to PetSmart when a man came up to me and posed the above question. For a second I was about to launch into my Dottie speech when I realized he was pointing to Alven and Dottie wasn't even there. I smiled at the man and said, "Alven is a dachshund." He looked down and then back at me and said, "And what else?" I shook my head and said, "And nothing else. He's just a standard long-haired dachshund." The man still looked unconvinced as he looked from Flash to Alven and then wandered away. I would have launched into the size, coat and color variations found in doxies, but Alven was already giving him the stink eye after receiving such an insult.

I have heard that people with wire-haired doxies get asked this question often, but I never thought Alven would look like anything other than the gorgeous doxie that he is. I wonder if it's the size thing and some people just associate doxies with mini's. In any case it's always a little amusing to see the reaction people have when I give them a simple answer instead of a long list of breeds.

Alven feels I should answer, "This is a rare breed called MOST HANDSOMEST EVER. Duh!"


  1. I get that question a lot and I think it's because people haven't seen many long hair doxies. Lulu's bigger than a mini but smaller than a standard. Someone once asked me if she was a mini-Irish Setter. Oh how I laughed (internally of course, I wasn't rude) about that one.

  2. I think they get confused by the big baby pup eyes. He is adorable.

  3. Look at his face. He is clearly a doxie. :) Duh. People always ask me what kind of doxie Shelby is because of her coloring. I think you're right about people not understanding the huge variety of fur, size, etc that can be found in doxies.

  4. I also think most people who don't know a lot about dogs or doxies think all doxies are smooth coats. BUT, It could be that Alven confuses them with his handsomeness!

  5. My answer: he's not just a standard Dixie...he's a ladies man. :)

    Aunt Nati

  6. You had the correct answer..... "This is a rare breed called MOST HANDSOMEST EVER. Duh!"

    My mom gets dat question all the times bout Brudder Rooney. His body looks all wienerdog-like but the black and white spots throws em every time!


    PeeS....I didn't realize that Alven be a Standard! How cools. My mom sooooooo wants to get a Standard Dachshund since that what she had as a little gurl..but they are hards to find.

  7. I love this. I also enjoy hey are these guys up for adoption?


  8. hahahaha, I get asked that a lot too. I even got in a little tuff with a lady one day that told me I didn't know what I was talking about. Meh =P Good to know that it happens to a lot of other long haired fab-fabulous doxies!